Contains some light gore 

OFFtober 18 and 19 - Adversary, and Fight Scene
Nightmare possum. Real possums are adorable and harmless <3

OFFtober 16 - Family Dinner
"I cannot feed that to him, Batter."
"Yes you can."
"It does not fit on the spoon."
"Scoop out a small chunk."
"I need a knife to cut it."

OFFtober 15 - OFF Fangame Moment
I had never watched/played any OFF fangames so this was an interesting prompt. I came across HOME, where we play as the Judge, and seeing him ride in the pedalo was the cutest thing ever!

OFFtober 13 - Eyes
Couldn't quite decide what to do with this one, but eventually came up with a spooky Zacharie portrait!
Also, I was getting restless sticking to pixels.

OFFtober 4 - The Nothingness
"The Nothingness is a lieu of transition outside of space itself, where you can travel from one point to another at the speed of light."

OFFtober 3 - Meat
I'd like to point out how absolutely terrifying the meat fountains of Alma are.

OFFtober #2
Dancing in the rain~
"...Y-you should stop that before Master Dedan shows up...!"

Might try to do the OFFtober challenge, list here:

First prompt is to draw your favorite character from the game. So, I drew Japhet the fire bird! In a perfect world, he would have been the most stunning birdy ruler 🐦 πŸ”₯ πŸ‘‘

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