after many weeks of work, the new color smudge has been merged (it now supports lightness and gradient map brush tips!), and we also recently had new texture option modes merged. Together these features can create some really nice strokes.

Another case of extensive testing and collaberation bringing cool results:

Trying to find ways to explain the use of the gradient map brush tips, ended up doing some Rosemaling.

Not too happy with the stroke proportions. There is a branch where the gradientmapped brush tips are also working on the colorsmudge, but I had to fix a bug in master to get the gradients to pass on, and that fix hasn't gotten into the branch yet...

Will keep on experimenting, I think.

Yes, after a month of work, I finally managed to merge the / branch!

It has full color profile support and everything! This was an insane amount of work, especially research and I felt I was going mad at some points.

Krita's appimages and other binaries will be building libheif with and , which means that mere mortals will be able to save avif without needing a fancy computer at cost of a little quality.

Emmet and Eoin have also merged the animated transform masks, which means we have position, scale and rotation tweening now :)

Outside of all the animation posibilities, this makes it a lot easier to create turntables. ;)

Marked as sensitive because the sketchy anmation is kinda bounces unpleasantly :/

Finally managed to get some drawing done again, this one inspired by the high quality gradient project, plus the fact it's currently freezing properly since years in the Netherlands. I saw a swan today who was terribly confused by the ice, which struck me as funny given the Ugly Duckling has made me associate swans with winter, so I decided to immortalize it.

Original was made in linear rec 2020 with 32 float per channel, one day I'll figure out how to master those properly.


aaaah, amyspark merged their huge high bitdepth and dithering gradients patch, can now do high quality gradients in all color spaces (see image).

Together the svg icc-color patch, Krita can now do stop gradients in any color it understands, including the unbounded floating point ones, which was a huge missing tool for painting HDR/scene referred images.

I've been waiting for this forever :D

Trying to make sense of the color 4 spec, because needs to have gradient definitions that can handle wide gamut colors, and you can tell near the end of my discussion I am gradually falling into lolcat:

So, an (apparantly?) pretty well known vtuber is going to test out in a few hours:

I only vaguely have an idea what vtubers are, so the chat being this active while it's still three hours is... unique to me.

The mesh transform and the storyboard docker also got merged, btw.

I can't get the mesh transform to really behave fully (ctrl+alt to split the mesh doesn't work for me), and haven't tried the storyboard docker yet, so no images from me for this.

Continuing my arm studies, did a recodring of this as well, will post that one soon.

I got a little tired near the end, but I think this one's like, 2 times as long as the one from yesterday.

, ,

So, Dmitry Kazakov is currently working on improving the mesh transform for , and he thinks he'll be able to propegate parts of the algorithm and UI to the mesh gradients as well.

Continued on the exporter today. After refactoring the importer for readability and smoothing over some other edges, I played with the compression settings. @davidrevoy mentioned in the past he worries a lot about keeping texture in his images, so used Pepper and Carrot 33, page 4.

Started with a jpeg (2 MiB), avif lossless was 3.1 MiB, lossy 75%, 1.4 MiB, 50%, 670.8 KiB, 25%, 238.2 KiB.

25% shows compression real well, 50% is passable, 75% decent. Not huge gains, but decent.

Yay, managed to get a 16 bit rgba image with transparency and a colorprofile saved with as a 12bit image(with transparency) that opens in chromium and has colors like in the Krita window.

I can also load the same file, but it seems libheif is not handing me the color profile via the c++ bindings right now, which I reported as a bug (And, this being libheif, all that is also possible with heif files too).

GSoC students are sending in their project manuals, just reviewed two of them.

It's interesting to me how intense it is to do a review on text compared to doing a review on code. I wonder if it is because code tends to be sparser and directer?

Though, I mostly suspect it is because I make liberal use of read-out-loud when reviewing text, and you can't really do that with code.

Alright, added a gradient editor and connector lines... and merged it.

It should be in the next nightly.

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Got the configuration mostly setup today, as well as sped up the algorithm so it is almost near-instant on the lower divisions... also means that 100 divisions is feasible now(though it does slow down a little there). Also added more coloration tweaks, though I need to make sure they're scaling correctly...

I kind of want to get a gradient edit going but resource rewrite is making that hard.

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I... I've spent almost two full weeks on getting this algorithm right.

They're aperiodic tilings of rhombs, which can be constructed through (de Bruijn's) method of multiple grids, which is effectively the same as projecting a 5/6/7/8/9, etc cube grid onto 2d. Shows up in nature as quasicrystals.

Tried to get this working in seexpr, failed miserably. Still spent like 2 days on getting something visible in .

I am so tired, but happy.

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