Finally managed to get some drawing done again, this one inspired by the high quality gradient project, plus the fact it's currently freezing properly since years in the Netherlands. I saw a swan today who was terribly confused by the ice, which struck me as funny given the Ugly Duckling has made me associate swans with winter, so I decided to immortalize it.

Original was made in linear rec 2020 with 32 float per channel, one day I'll figure out how to master those properly.


More geese. I attempted to draw the Egyptian geese this time around, but they wouldn't stay put. I initially thought it might be too cold, but I later discovered that these are in fact a type of duck, and only geese seem okay with modeling.

The other goose, a domesticated one, scared the living daylights out of a little girl; it was the same height. It had been hoping for bread, didn't get any.

Also drew a moorhen, mostly to remember what it looked like.

Okay, I've put her some clothes on during , but I think I'll quite working on her for now.

I might instead try to model her in , or try to redo this sheet when transformation masks are finally in .

For now, this is a pretty decent turntable of Kiki, I attached 3/4th(because masto doesn't allow more than 4 images) of her turntable as sheet so others have a good Kiki reference if they ever wanted to draw her.

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@bvh needed a painting of a group for a game.

In particular it was necessary to show that the different species in her story could have wildly different appearances. I drew this in 16bit float to help with the glowing eyes as well as handling the different skin tones more easily. Due to color maths the eyes pop through the vignette gradient, which was quite cool.

Of course, the most difficult part with groups is to pose the figures, and then of course, paint them.

Made in

Found something fun to do with the new palette docker and gamut masks. Also made a video, but will upload that one tomorrow after a final check.

Update on this, this time the actual neon logo(previous was the kubuntu logo >_<) The thread is twice as thin this time around, but the kde neon logo is a wee bit more complicated than the kubuntu logo so it ended up a bit bigger too.

Of course, now the usb stick has stopped working on linux devices, gotta find a new one. -_-

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Doodled this yesterday in approximately one and a half hour. First real drawing since I finished my thesis.

And by doodled, I literally mean doodled, started with the doorway and then just kinda went from there :p

I always have trouble with remembering on which usb I put my distro image, so I thought to myself, "the neon logo is round and symmetrical, let's it!".

It ended up too big 😐 and there's the issue of round crochet shifting the pattern. And general warping due bad planning...

I'll proly remake this with a half as thick thread(if I can find a place that sells this hue) and will repurpose this one as an applique for my bag.


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