Didn't have internet today, so spend it on finally finishing up vectorizing all the glyphs for my currently used comic font.

Now I still need to kern it... I've also sort of given up on keeping the regular version in sync with the bolded one, I think I need to be more experienced with fonts before I can really handle that.

Worse, while this font is excellent on A4 comics, I am actually working on an A6 one, and that needs a slightly different metrics :D


I remember a few years ago that kerning in was something I'd do by accident. Currently it seems I have an easier time figuring out contextual substitution.

Anyway, the bold-looking is actually the one that'd be better for A6, as it's got chunkier metrics, though I still need to adjust the stems. Not too happy with the accented capitals. Might need to create smallcaps to deal with that...

This was very useful, btw: fonttutorials.com/how-to-name-

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