Python as its designers intended: Beautiful, easy to read even for those not very familiar with the language.

Python as actually used:
What is this. Where does one thing end and the next begin.

(Guess who's doing some porting!)


@eishiya To be fair though, isn't that always the case when porting code? Just the context switch alone can be a headache :)

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@Wolthera That is true, but Python code in the wild is just so damn hard to read for me even when I don't have to port it.

Really, this is true of most languages, but Python is one of the few where a much greater degree of clarity is (supposedly) possible, which makes messes more disappointing. With something like C++, I'm prepared for a mess so it doesn't bother me as much.

(I also just don't get on with whitespace-defined blocks, I feel lost without delimiters.)

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