Today I discovered that the back-up hard drive I thought was broken (due to it not spinning up anymore at one point), is in fact completely fine. Which is pretty great, because all the art files of back when I was a teenager are on there.

I managed to rescue some old comics from it which I was afraid I would've otherwise lost, which I'll write a proper blog post about at some point.

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@Wolthera That makes me wish I backed up more of my teenage art (which is now lost to time, and multiple partially failing and discarded away hard drives)

@redstrate I'm from a family of people who really value (art) history, so keeping backups has been hammered into me. I have paper copies as well. Still, I was super upset when it wouldn't spin up anymore. Sadly, file systems mess up file stamps when copying, so I don't have exact dates for what was done when, which is especially a bummer with those comics (the oldest being from february 2006).

Anyway, hard drives are sturdier than you think, so maybe yours can still be read by something?

@Wolthera Unfortunately not only were they discarded, but also overwritten (my family likes to reuse hard drives). Fortunately, I keep much better backups though but only from ~2018 onwards.

I wish I had that hammered into me when I was younger, I also lost numerous programming projects the same way (with carelessness) :-/

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