Finally managed to get some drawing done again, this one inspired by the high quality gradient project, plus the fact it's currently freezing properly since years in the Netherlands. I saw a swan today who was terribly confused by the ice, which struck me as funny given the Ugly Duckling has made me associate swans with winter, so I decided to immortalize it.

Original was made in linear rec 2020 with 32 float per channel, one day I'll figure out how to master those properly.


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Our local ponds are mostly frozen, but some have open spots. There are swans which can usually be seen at these ponds all year long...including winters.

Your image is very well done. Thanks for sharing.

@Algot Yeah, I have noticed the local couple is here all year as well.

I'm pretty pleased at the image as well, as I tend to have large spans of time in which I just can't draw anything merely due to lack of energy instead despite knowing how to draw. So it was really nice to properly draw for a few hours again.

@Wolthera This is so pretty! You really captured the lighting well. ❤️

@Cassiopeia12727 Thanks, I spend most of the drawing time on getting the colors right :D

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