I... I've spent almost two full weeks on getting this algorithm right.

They're aperiodic tilings of rhombs, which can be constructed through (de Bruijn's) method of multiple grids, which is effectively the same as projecting a 5/6/7/8/9, etc cube grid onto 2d. Shows up in nature as quasicrystals.

Tried to get this working in seexpr, failed miserably. Still spent like 2 days on getting something visible in .

I am so tired, but happy.

Got the configuration mostly setup today, as well as sped up the algorithm so it is almost near-instant on the lower divisions... also means that 100 divisions is feasible now(though it does slow down a little there). Also added more coloration tweaks, though I need to make sure they're scaling correctly...

I kind of want to get a gradient edit going but resource rewrite is making that hard.

Alright, added a gradient editor and connector lines... and merged it.

It should be in the next nightly.

@Wolthera I didn't know about de Bruijn's method but I found some cool things and might give it a try, I really love quasicrystals :bulbaww:

@Nausicaa Good luck! I am really bad at trig, so maybe you have a much easier time than me.

This page really helped me:
As dit this one:

@Wolthera Seeing Penrose tesselation always fills me with joy.

@cornflower Yes, they filled me with joy as well when I saw them of wikipedia, so I was like 'yeah, gotta get this in the hands of artists', and the multigrid method allows for more interesting combos too :3

@Wolthera I don't understand a single word - but it looks great and it's fascinating to dive in the patterns. 😁

@Wolthera Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for making these presets.

@raghukamath It ended up being a seperate generator. SeExpr can't handle for loops or nested if statements and this technique does need such things.

@LPS You joke, but I came across girih tiles' relationship to penrose tesselation dozens of times during research for this.

@Wolthera @shadow8t4 Are they all radiant symmetrical? I can’t tell for sure just looking. They’re gorgeous, anyway.

Super nice! It reminds me a lot of Islamic art, which makes sense, as I've read something about that also having quasicrystal patterns in places. Great work!

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