ok, if hackernews is to be believed on android has a target audience of programmer dads(and moms) trying to find a painting program for their kids.

@Wolthera Hope it pays off in a decade or so with a new generation of dyed-in-the-wool contributors.

@kvokao @Wolthera I'm still convinced that intentionally easily cracked adobe software was the reason for it's rise. It planted the seed for a whole generation, and became "industry standard";)


@LPS @kvokao You know, from the stuff @eylul and @KnowPresent have talked about during their LGM talks on educating with FOSS, I am more and more inclined to blame a lot of industry defacto's on the weird way we teach technical programs to students.

Like, there's a prevalence of 'press button to get effect' instead of theory in software related classes, because we can't get 'technical'... Even though the same type students got taught technical stuff like lithography and silkscreen in the past.

@Wolthera @kvokao @eylul @KnowPresent I agree great talks for anyone that hasn't seen them, theyr'e on #peertube here, this talk is what you're referring to I think. conf.tube/videos/watch/3137ea3

The same is true for "smart devices". Have you ever noticed how "smart technology" users IMHO behave as if they're tech savvy just because they own it. If one thing doesn't work the way they expect it they're ready to throw it out:( Unfortunately, again, I believe this is by design.

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