I recently got an android tablet with eInk screen and stylus. eInk is what e-readers and the like use, so I can take it outside, and because it ran android I am of course running on it.

The device gives a lot of lag compared to regular led/lcd, but on the other hand this is the first time I've been able to sit outside on an overcast day and draw on a tablet.

So have some Canada geese, they were the only ones sitting still enough. The ducks and rock pigeon just ran past me.

The device dithers grayscale, giving it a rather papery feel, weirdly enough...

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@Wolthera can I ask which model you got that has an e-ink screen?

@LPS Onyx Boox Note 2.

Just an FYI, 1. This is a chinese company 2. There's a wave of color eink screens on reader and tablet devices coming up this summer, though none of them have a stylus right now.

@LPS Yeah, I hope I didn't misread in terms of you being curious to get a device like this and thus wanting to know a little bit about the current offerings :D

@Wolthera thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. I'm hunting on Amazon right now.
I'd love to have a digital sketchpad:) If you hear of anything in particular please send my way.

@LPS right now, samsung has several tablets with a wacom stylus, though these are led/lcd and turn into very expensive mirrors when you take them outside. They are fast enough with a drawing program.

For EInk devices with stylii, these are mainly for note-taking. This brand and ReMarkable both are designed for annotating PDFs, and the internal application is quite fast, but doesn't have nowhere any of the brushes that an application like Krita can provide (which is slow on it).

Hopefully helps

@Wolthera okay, so these run a version of android that the latest Krita APK can work on? I assume that's what you're doing.

@LPS yeah, this device runs android 9 and uses the krita beta from the google play store. The samsung devices can also use these (android 6 is the minimum).

(And I will reitterate that Krita is really slow on the EInk device, as in, the strokes often draw after I finished them, because I'd hate it if someone would get starry-eyed and subsequently dissapointed because I am able to draw pictures in weird situations)

@Wolthera no problem, thanks for the warning I don't plan to make a purchase anytime soon but I'm intrigued by the idea..

@Wolthera @LPS Colour e-ink is an exciting prospect. Saw some nice photos a while ago but I thought the tech was still prohibitively expensive?

@kvokao @Wolthera Wow, I had no idea colour was even available for e-ink.

@LPS @Wolthera Not on any commercial devices afaik but only as prototypes... But according to Wolthera that's about to change?

@kvokao @LPS Looking at places like good e-reader and the mobile reads forums, there's a number of chinese devices already out, and there's a pocketbook (russian) coming with color next month.

@TapiocaPearl Thanks! A lot of people seem to like them. Obviously Fedi likes geese :D

@stelepami Surprisingly enough, they weren't honking at all. I did make sure to not listen to music, because this flock had baby birds, and I wanted to make sure I'd hear the parents' noises if they felt I was a threat.

It's also why the pictures of the baby birds aren't as well developed as the adults, body-language wise it's a bad idea to stare at babies when a parent is nearby.

In the end, nothing happened at all, though the adults did keep a close eye on me. :p

@Wolthera great drawings! Are you aware of reMarkable? I just preordered v2, can't wait to get it! It's a papery-feel eInk tablet with really low lag on the pen input. Developed in Norway.

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