@ChrisTalleras Yeah, I am pretty sure the linuxwacom stuff is unaffected, but it's still kinda horrifying for the people who aren't using linux...

@Wolthera Oh, Dagon bless linuxwacom! hahah

And yeah, but I feel that is pretty good for encouraging opensource art making doesn't it?

Havening non-open software kind of leads this way anyway is what I'm thinking

@ChrisTalleras @Wolthera I was just thinking, if Wacom tells Google that I use Photoshop, and Windows tells Google I use Photoshop, and Photoshop tells Google I tell Photoshop - they could, theoretically, somewhere, end up with triple the "Photoshop Users" than there actually are 🤔

@Wolthera so not only is that new app horrible and their new drivers send macOS into a slow grind until it is unresponsive, but they're slurping up data too? Ugh.

I can sympathize with his gut feeling of feeling awful to the feeling of privacy violation. But he himself, as stated, runs analytics on his site "for his ego". Boo on him.

Nice to know the apple drivers for Wacom are trash. But his privacy isn't any more important this his site visitors.

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