Again, a quick list of reminders of what people can use as alternatives to #Adobe software.

Includes both open-source, libre and proprietary alternatives. Whatever gets things done.

Time to use the alternatives.
1) Affinity Photo/Publisher/Designer
2) Fire Alpaca/Medibang
3) Inkscape
4) Clip Studio Paint
5) Krita
6) Openshot
7) Gimp
8) Natron

or just pirate it if you can't find any alternatives.
This is an incomplete list but will get people going. /1

I am very partial to Autodesk Sketchbook itself, because it fits how my brain works. At any given time it may or may not use a subscription model, though; it can't make up its mind. Seriously, it's free-as-in-beer right now, so do pick it up to play with it.

RIGHT NOW, there's 1 day left on a Humble Bundle that includes Corel Painter and Paint Shop Pro if you pay a little more:
My Spouse says its brush model is better than Sketchbook's and it's reasonably fast now. /2

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For users of Apple products: on iPad, Clip Studio Paint is subscription-based and the same problem of that subscription being pulled out from under you may happen there. However, Procreate is cheap and good.
If you have a large Cintiq or similar tablet/monitor, you may enjoy using Paintstorm on Mac.

I personally cannot use #Krita on Mac because it's built with libraries that require newer OS versions than I have on the machine that has the tablet. But it's Libre and actively developed./3

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For most users of #Adobe products, the subscription model isn't a problem in a practical sense. Whether the price makes sense is up to you; for large art/design shops, it probably does. But the fact remains that Adobe can leave you in the cold at will.
It's also a symptom of a larger problem: Adobe hasn't innovated in over a decade and is using its prior position as the standard for image processing to extract rent. People say that about Apple but Adobe has done it longer and harder. /4

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Please spread the list of alternatives around and add to it, Here's the Birbsite link again but there are other and better threads that have more options: . /5/end

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Ooh! No mention of a Mac App that I use every day even if it's only for quick jobs: Pixelmator now has a range of apps for macOS/iOS including a separate photo app and a Pro version of their original app. I use the original app on my Mac for quick color adjusting, resizing and export jobs.
Personally, I could never get used to drawing in it, but other people do enjoy it for that. For me, its benefit is that it does simple jobs quickly. /6

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Another addition: I know that switching from Photoshop isn't straightforward in practice. Hardly any other app out there handles the full spec of PSD files correctly - Affinity Designer comes the closest right now, but still doesn't read/write vector and adjustment layers correctly. I have thousands of PSD files that I still need Photoshop for, which is why I keep my iMac at an OS version that can run CS4. Which is why I can't use Krita on it 😖
But doing that is also an option! /7

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And also with most of these I'm stuck in mid-project, because all of them move at a glacial page; I have too many different projects and not enough time outside my day job.
However, most of my art challenges, and one of my comic projects (Cultish Manners) are never touched by Photoshop at all anymore, so that's progress.
I do Cultish Manners with a combination of traditional tools, Autodesk Sketchbook and Affinity Publisher. Some pages have all their digital work done on iPad./8

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the problem is that when photoshop goes away we'll be left with files that are unusable so this is delaying the problem. (and this has happened before with macromedia and flash) This is also why advocating use of software open document formats is so critical. :)

I am still trying to recover some old files and trying to convert some other old works to .ora when I get time but yeah it is a complicated problem and gradual solution is the best we can do

@eylul Can you tell me more about .ora? My experience with Photoshop file formats over a 20-year-period is that in purely practical terms, it was no worse than the theoretically-open-but-in-practice-not XCF format that most of my stuff was in before, and indeed for much of that time I had more success using PSD files in any third-party app than with any other file format, due to that whole de-facto standard thing.
But I might have missed a few memos and developments along the way.


@Reinderdijkhuis @eylul OpenRaster ( is at attempt at making a fully open exchange format. The development on it has slowed down over the years, first because the maintainer dissapeared, and then because... I think everyone was too busy past year, really. (Is one of the people with commit access to the current site)

We should probably try to make it a thing for the next libregraphics in renes.

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@Wolthera @Reinderdijkhuis I had no idea the development had stalled.

Considering I do actually use it to move my sketches from mypaint to krita and gimp I would selfishly love to see it happen.

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