Testing 4.2.6, I was also playing with a sketching technique where you first draw with a big brush(40px), then use the curves to lower the alpha to about a quarter, then half the radius you're working with (so then, 20), and so on till you have a detailed sketch.

Then I tried to see if I could get super-thin lines going(this is just the basic opacity flow brush at 2 px with AA enabled), but I can never really figure out how to color these. Colorize mask seems to work well too with them.

@kaerhon well, I was mostly checking against crashes and stuff. We're trying to improve the QnA on these things as some scary bugs crept into previous releases, so figured I might as well try to contribute to that.

I am positive. At the least, nothing weird has happened when I was drawing...

@Wolthera oh dang i'd never considered using curves for this, i always just lowered the opacity in the blending and do a new layer

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