@Wolthera now I am curious about the talk about spicy food you guys when we left :). Also nice writeup. Thanks for bearing with all the loud discussion and noise we made during the sprint. I remember the exhaustion that you guys had during the last sprint and I can't imagine how hard it would be this time. May be next time we should have a sprint in a conference hall , also because we would have more people next time too.

@raghukamath Next such a sprint will probably be in a public building, yes.

The talk about spicy food was basically 'ho, this is about hitting my spicyness limit, huh yes it is quite spicy. Hm... this dish is 7/10 on the spicyness scale'. So not terribly complicated :p

@raghukamath @Wolthera haha, boud made me try some Indonesian chutney, later in the night, that was the most spiciest thing, I had on the trip, XD

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