Lots of release stress today. We accidentally posted the release post this morning, so that's been unpublished and scheduled to tomorrow. But the rss feed entry already propegated to Linux news websites 😐

This on top of people who setup systems to watch the page, meaning there were a lot of shady download websites and linux distros who updated and tweeted Krita 4.2 was out already.

Like, it's floss, sure but our release notes just aren't ready yet 😩

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@Wolthera sometimes there's oops

is release notes the only thing short?

@Notsonoble yeah, it's the primary thing.

We're also just kinda worried about things like the servers getting hammered too early as well as just not being prepared to deal with people coming in and asking questions.

But mainly there's still a 'XXX: Insert video showing difficult to explain feature here' on the release notes page...

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