@Wolthera @wolthera To share the source, did you think about git Large File Sharing (Git LFS) ?

@Wolthera@mastodon.art @amael@framapiaf.org git Large File Sharing, as far as I understand it, just takes the large files and puts them in a seperate folder, which seems to be a bit useless if all you have is binary files like this project. (Okay, the webvtt files and the kdenlive project file are text files, but they're only two of the total set...)

My primary comment was also that I just don't know a place where to store these that is easily accessible to people like stuff like gitlab and github.

@Wolthera @wolthera very interesting blog write up! I didn't realize how much time the video rendering was taking, or I would've kept mum about some of my critiques!

I too find video to be a frustrating medium for learning. I hope you aren't too discouraged from tackling another stitch, because I love this concept for teaching

@rubah @wolthera
Don't worry too much about it, I did learn something from it, and I guess I should also try to do more test renders with the text.

I'll try, but I'll space them out a bit in terms of work.

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