Mypaint 2.0 observations:

1. Oof, linear compositing is made the default for mypaint, thankfully it is seperately noted in ORA, but very weirdly. (composite-op="svg:spectral-wgm")
2. The spectral color mixing stuff is really impressive that it is this performant(older versions required a 10gb look up table to be included, doesn't seem to be necessary anymore)
3. ... but it is waaaay less performant than mypaint 1.2 was.

Also the ora now contains a JSON file with 'mypaint-settings' for compositions. And probably what else.

Other than that: the convenience features are nice, brush engine seems it got extended, gotta play with that. It's got color blindness modes in. Would need to remember what was in the previous mypaint to begin with, I guess :p

@Wolthera well, it's an alpha :) performance is expected to suck :)

@prokoudine Well, I wonder about that. I know what it is doing, and I am impressed how fast it has gotten, but because I know it is already way faster than it used to be, I would be terribly impressed if it got faster.

I am just afraid it might be something inherent to the algorithm(because spectral color mixing does require 12 times as much data and thus 12 times as much number crunching).


So is the linear composition a "bad"/"good" thing? It's certainly "different" and seems to break some compatibility. But I couldn't feel a huge difference while drawing (maybe I compensated instinctively).
Ah, I should just hop over to github and catch up with the dev discussion...

@inanna It's technically good, the only problem is that the author made changes to the ORA files saved by mypaint, which are not in the spec and he has not documented them or notified other projects which use or even asked whether these things could be added to the spec.

It makes it harder for other applications to maintain compatibility with MyPaint when that happens.

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