One of the big issues we keep having is how to convey to our totally not technical users how technical parts work in . For example, we notice a lot of people trying out animation want to do a full 1h 60fps movie inside Krita, which just isn't possible RAM wise.

One way to solve this is education(users should proly use Krita together with kdenlive or something), but we can also try to improve Krita's memory reporting, by adding icons, for example.


The issue however then becomes: What kind of rules of thumb are good to use (heuristics) and what kind of icons convey to the non-technical user to slow down a bit.

So I'm going to try and figure that one out:

Did some work on getting the current memory reporter to show the memory usage as a progress bar, the color slowly goes to red so that it becomes more and more omnious :)

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