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Well, the @krita devs seem to think that a generalised wallpaper function would be interesting. Let me see what I can do.

Whoa. Building #Krita was absolutely painless. I saw CMake files, did the usual thing, waited a few minutes, and WHOOP out popped a Krita.

Guess I can start reading its source code now.

OMG #Krita has the cutest build instructions. These are actually referenced from their official documentation as the canonical way to build it.

How to build Krita... for cats!


Wolthera @Wolthera

@JordiGH Those build instructions were the primary reason I started contributing.

I had over the years collected enough programming knowledge that I could read code and do debugging, but I had no idea how to build a program.

So when those instructions allowed me to build the program, and I came across a bug that really annoyed me, it was easy to go 'might at the least try debugging it'. And then @boudewijnrempt encouraged me to try make a fix and soon enough I made my first patch.

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