* Krita asserts in the transform tool, crashes, dr konqi freezes, takes down whole desktop.

Yep, definitely one of those days...

* draw figure
* figure looks lopsided, delete
* draw figure
* figure looks lopsided, try to correct with transform
* adjust feet
* feet are now out of balance with shoulders
* delete


Normally I can draw what I want to draw, but sometimes I just have days...

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A friendly reminder that if you could see yourself enjoying a small comics/narrative art-focused social community like comicscamp.club, feel free to send me a DM and I can set you up with an invite!

Open to any creative people who like good stories and who are kind, supportive, inclusive, and good beans all around. Come join us at Camp!

🌲 ⛺ 💚🏔️ 🌌

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📗 I have in my hand the first English Pepper&Carrot book done with 100% FLOSS! But I'll need to redo it and explore workarounds: colors are wrong 😩 ... article: davidrevoy.com/article747/

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ok, so, I was already pretty amazed at the variety of art in the artwork section of krita-artists, but now people are doing art games including this thread which is equal parts cute and amazing:


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Just opened a #peertube account graciously hosted at conf.tube.
You can follow us at @lgm

The plan is to import all past Libre Graphics Meeting recordings over there and make them available right from the #fediverse.

grumbling about annoying internet people 

Weh, trying to do something relatively simple for the resources rewrite (I was tasked setting up a chooser widget for each bundle you'd want to turn on or off) but everything's sorta blurring together, so I don't know if I was to make the bundle handling model a singleton, the widget a qcombobox, a listview with toggles, where to put an icon etc.

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Want to contribute to KDE but not sure how? Translating is something most people can do and this weekend there's a workshop Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to help people get started:


If you happen not to be in Yogyakarta this weekend, you can still help: Check out our guide on getting started with translating KDE:


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I remember someone admonishing me when I was a teen(more than a decade ago) for posting a page full of sketches where I had drawn some panels, but the panels weren't visible because they were too light and the scanner ate them, and they thought I had not done much work at all, there was so much white space.

Like, I recall others admonishing them in return, but it did mean I have push myself when posting so much unused space here.

Weird how that goes...

I should try to share more of what I do, so here's what I see when I open up the krita window I had opened yesterday evening...

This is sorta what the initials of my character design process look like, despite this also being fanart.

Anyway, done in resource branch; you can actually draw in it now without it crashing...

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Tried to put sugar in tea, hand slips, sugar pot is empty and sugar everywhere...

I haven't had that in a while...

I spend today working on replacing every resource selector from using a table based thing to a list based thing with flow mode.

We used the table-based thing because we wanted a grid, but the thing was to get everything laid out in that grid led to also sorts of fiddly bugs, so using a list that knows how to layout things in a grid is way simpler.

With the new widget drag-and-drop will be a tad bit fiddlier, but right now we don't use it, so hopefully if ever implemented it'll work out.

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Really excited to be a part of @Krita_artists community at krita-artists.org . I invite all the @Krita artists and developers to join this forum.


Working on the resource branch together with boud and tiar, everything crashes, acts weird, loads funny, but after disabling a ton of stuff I managed to doodle this...

Diagnosed a bunch of issues as well, but I can understand boud was going a bit loopy after a while.

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