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"Epic supports blender", ok.
"Stuido khara start using blender", makes sense.
"NVidea sponsors blender", yeah, cycles uses cuda, makes sense.
"Adidas becomes official sponsor of blender"... wait what?


So, spend two hours on writing docs and creating example images for the new highpass filter, and this felt like half an hour... Then spend one hour trying to explain how dimensions and ranks work for exporting gimp image hose brush tips... and this felt like three hours.

The gimp docs aren't helping either...


Did some manual writing today for , focusing on the Magnetic Selection tool by @hellozee , attaching some gifs of how it operates :)

The page is waiting for review here: invent.kde.org/websites/docs-k

I don't know what I find more impressive; that a primary school kid is teaching other kids how to animate on (seems a presentation), or the really cool looking primary school computer lab they're doing it in...


No. Chaotic neutral is completely unreliable, but at the least chaotic good can understand chaotic neutral better than they can understand lawful evil. They'd go insane from the amount of interaction they'd need to have with the lawful evil one, because of the completely opposite worldview.

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Yay! I am happy to share a dust jacket for the International Day Against DRM 2019. I collaborated with FSF to design this in and @inkscape.


The source files can be downloaded and feel free to reuse remix to spread the word about IDAD 2019

, , , ,

Just a heads up; the new MacOS version(Catalina), deprecated a bunch of stuff and now requires application to be notarized and 32 bit stuff is fully deprecated.

This is leading to several applications not working, including . We've set up to be notarized and hope to be able to release that soon, but there's no telling what will happen until we have tested it on a Catalina device.

If you're in the middle of a commission or project, don't update your macOS until sure tools work.

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📚 I'm making a big high quality English Pepper&Carrot comic book using only FLOSS from scratch! Here is a first blog post report (a bit technical) of my research and test with #Krita, #Inkscape and #Scribus on #Kubuntu 18.04.2 LTS: davidrevoy.com/article735/

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Stupid fact:
The proverb "I hear, I see, I learn" is "Audio, Video, Disco" in Latin.

search for peplos on image search; find celtic interpretations; search for ionic chiton, find peplos marked as 'doric chiton' or the I-am-pretty-sure-oxymoronic 'hellenistic chiton'.

'use reference' they say, but it seems near impossible to find humans(not statues) wearing a giant ass sheet in the appropriate way...

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ok, right now, the simplest way to get websites turned into epubs without much hassle is to...

- select the text in firefox.
- rightclick and show 'view selection source'.
-copy and save that into a html file.
- use pandoc to convert the html to xhtml.
- import that into a sigil epub file.

I've tried extensions(frequently led to escaped html), I've tried copy paste(led to messy richtext), I have tried all sorts of stuff, but this is really the most foolproof.

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I found this yesterday. If both Neil's can have impostor syndrome, then yeah, there aren't any grown-ups. 💙

Weh, was hoping to update my old samsung note 10.1 with lineageos so I could run Krita on Android, but it seems the device died(as in, won't respond to anything anymore) before I could even start rooting it. 😩

Adding insult to injury, we've been doing so many checks and workarounds to prevent people from doing things like saving to their temp folder or non-user folders, and to double check we can open the kra file after it has been saved, and then it turns out the thing corrupting people's work is... security software.

Today on one of the more horrifying things apparantly happening on windows: 34mb kra files being filled with only 0's... Given this was multiple kra files(and backups), very likely some security software is rewriting the kra files.

Like, how are we supossed to explain this to people. 'Yeah, you need to back up to prevent your security software from deleting your files', 'yeah, that thing that is supossed to prevent virii is making you miss your deadline'?

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