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Great to see the progress! -jd

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We've started to design Penpot with Penpot! So exciting and productive. This time we are reviewing text options layout :) #opensource #design #penpotapp

🐦🔗: twitter.com/penpotapp/status/1

So, some Japanese company is apparantly trying to market artificial meteor showers by way of wast-, erm, I mean, shooting rockets into the atmosphere and watching the specially designed debris burn up. Basically over-engineered fireworks.

Just so you know, there's comet-induced meteor showers every few months, and all those astronomer folks have a pretty good idea where and when they happen. So you can just plan a meteor shower watch night!


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Saw nettle based pop up somewhere on fedi, decided to research it, as nettles are a very durable plant. Here's my findings :)

Found out, most nettle yarn is Ramie, in particular Himalayan. The Dutch company that did Euro nettle yarn had to stop during the recession of 2007, and is now a camping.

As for sale, it seems that the brands Borgo de'Pazzi sells nettle yarn (ortica and kuki), as does Onion.dk.

Both are quite expensive though, 5, 6 euro per skein.

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" #Scribus Team is pleased to announce the release of version The release was delayed due to the current pandemic, but we finally got there. This is a major release on our way to 1.6.0 […]"


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New blog post! #Wayland is still lacking proper consideration for color management & support for high dynamic range (#HDR) imagery. However, a group of renegade devs has begun an effort to fix this situation. This is their story. col.la/whdr #OpenSource #graphics

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... Youtube has apparently decided to start showing ads on videos for people without a youtube partnership (so, that's people who cannot get money from those videos)...

I have some videos on youtube, but I feel embarrased about them, cause they're old. Now I am half wondering if I shouldn't just import and delete all of them. It's tricky because most of them are krita feature demonstrations :/

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news, -, sexual crimes, dutch, vague 

Nee NOS, ik wou alleen weten waarom de rechtbank gewraakt was, en niet de details van de pedofilie zaak TT_TT

(News site headlines with 'court called impartial over pedophilia case', and then goes into more detail about the case rather than why the court was declared impartial... but legalese is really tied to it's country of origin, so hence the Dutch)

The mesh transform and the storyboard docker also got merged, btw.

I can't get the mesh transform to really behave fully (ctrl+alt to split the mesh doesn't work for me), and haven't tried the storyboard docker yet, so no images from me for this.

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reposted, I am so not used to anatomy studies considered as nudity ._.

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Continuing my arm studies, did a recodring of this as well, will post that one soon.

I got a little tired near the end, but I think this one's like, 2 times as long as the one from yesterday.

, ,

Whoops, forgot to mark anatomy studies as nudity, gonna repost in a bit.

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ooh, the mypaint brush engine integration got merged.


My sister is looking for artists for an isometric adventure game with a film noir aesthetic, work is paid:


Twitter is still making it hard to retweet, so hence me reposting this here. Please share!

Doing some traditional work, I initially intended this project to be very small scale, so I'm working in a6, and even intended not to ink it, but decided to anyway, so avoid difficult panels to smudge. Inking a full page takes only 1~ hour on A6, and it kicks the butt of perfectionism because I can't futz too much over wrong lines.

What's really scary is that I am dry brushing for the first time (panel lacked depth otherwise), I've never dry brushed a black and white image before ._.

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