I mean, sure, early advertisement lithography was closer to painting than graphics design, but then the techniques they use that are painterly are possible to do if slow.

... Maybe Graph Desg people actually differentiate themselves from Paint/Illust people by virtue that they need to do thing fast instead of making stuff for reproduction???

one of these days I will discover why digital 'graphics design' people feel addressed whenever 'digital painting/illustration' comes up.

Digital graphics design tools are largely vector based(better for reuse), while digital painting tools tend to be more raster based(easier to manipulate), and it would just conversations re: tools so much easier.

I'd also like to discover why these folks don't explain what they need instead of nebulous 'ps is lightyears ahead of floss', but alas.

Bought some 'scented gelpens' to have something sily to play with while freaking out over my looming thesis deadline...

They sadly don't smell very strong or identifiably... :s

(They're at the least neon coloured, so there's that...)

panic about people armchair floss developing 

panic about people armchair floss developing 

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Made a new theme for Blender 2.80, specifically geared for being readable when printed or shown on an e-ink display. It's here: gitlab.com/snippets/1864987

Tested it on an e-ink screen () and it seems to work relatively well.

To clarify, the handwringing is coming from plugin developers who don't want to create gpl plugins.

After twenty thousands threads (two actually) on whether python plugins should be gpl, Ton made a blogpost to clarify this:


Lots of handwringing about gpl not being profitable or something.

Why is there sooooo much reverb on the vast majority of cc-licensed music? Like, I've been going through the OGA music section, just out of curiousity, and everything sounds like it was recorded in an underground parking lot.

I mean, yes, reverb is the lensflare of music, but I can't seem to find a single song without it. Maybe it's baked into the samples somehow?

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Call for participation at the Blender Conference 2019 is open! We welcome talks, papers, case studies, demo artists, developer workshops, and so on! After 1 August we start making the selection. conference.blender.org/call-fo #b3d #bcon19

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🚀After a month of work, I launched the new Pepper&Carrot website! Discover the new features and contents → davidrevoy.com/article722/

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Finally back home from .

Met a lot of people, some of which I already knew from irc(including meeting a Krita contributor, Tiar, for the first time), others which I knew would be there for other applications, but also fediverse people like @eylul which I hadn't expected! Very interesting conversations were had, as well as fun!

Anyway, attaching a picture of the back of the vest I wore. Took a while to figure out how to do this, have many prototypes.

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This is the end of #LGM2019.

Next Libre Graphics Meeting will be in Rennes, France. If you have the ideas, suggestions or want to give a hand organizing it, get in touch with us via our mailing-list.


Last talk is about different types of user interface for Gradient Meshes.

There is a user interface for it already in inkscape, but this guy is like 'yeah, that gets messy and unwieldy quite quickly' and is showing some alternatives off like diffusion curves(describing the image through contrast) or just simplifying the mesh where it doesn't need it.

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people showing off shiny graphs with all the contributions made over the 10 years they exist.

Usermanual and translations take up the majority of contributions. As the devs say 'not insignificant at all'!

Main discussion is...

Ease of login. (having a single login)

Problem of effort of self hosting.

Owning your own infrastructure.

Ok, current talk/discussion is about contribution to floss projects.

The main issue that is being discussed is about selfhosting, and maintaining your own code...

@lgm I hope this one can be uploaded because if is a very difficult one.

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