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Today I discovered that the back-up hard drive I thought was broken (due to it not spinning up anymore at one point), is in fact completely fine. Which is pretty great, because all the art files of back when I was a teenager are on there.

I managed to rescue some old comics from it which I was afraid I would've otherwise lost, which I'll write a proper blog post about at some point.

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... I managed to get support into knewstuff (which Peruse uses), which is not insignificant, but there's no UI for people to add their own feeds just yet.

I had wanted to write a big blogpost about it, but without that I'm afraid it'll just come across as a wet fart, no matter how proud I might be it got in. Guess I'll write one when that part's done...

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Current talk is amyspark talking about how they implemented gradient dithering in Krita :)

It's mostly a technical talk about dithering and thresholds.


The current talk is a collection of arguments in favour of foss projects having a better technical and legal framework for letting people donate and pay for foss development.

It goes through several pitfalls and arguments, such as 'what if the sponsored idea is bad', etc.

Current speaker is showing off their tool for assisting in creating webtoons, made with Godot. I am strongly reminded of the newgrounds flash period.

current talk is from a guy whose design studio is using only free software, and he's showing the different kinds of projects his studio has done, and how they use open source software to do product images and motion graphics.

It's always interesting to listen to people telling how they use their tools.

First time I hear of fspy, though...

... current talk is about a guy who decided to use CSS files as an input for a midi synth to create procedural beats.

Not sure if this beats the talk I attended once of a guy who was using houdini to compose music.

(Both were 'yay procedural music', but the houdini using guy was trying to solve the problem of regular software not being stable enough, this guy is trying to get music whose procedurality is directly linked to the visuals)

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I want to watch the terminal paint talk, but I also just had a bit of a spook with that broken build, so gonna go for a walk now...

The current talk is really cool (a couple of people who do online live (multi-stream) performances and shows and pieced together a whole technology stack), but I couldn't follow half of it because I was trying to solve a broken build that just had happened D:

One thing I did catch and was surprised about is that HLS streaming is apparantly kinda bad for live performances because it accepts minor desync between audio and video streams too much. Never considered that!

ah, no, my apologies. He's trying to say that free software being a little odd in places is good because not everything needs to be appealing to the cultural hegemony. Subtle difference.

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The current speaker is trying to say 'hey, maybe we shouldn't try to copy proprietary software so much', and is first giving us cultural hegemony 101 to explain that defaults aren't always there because they are a good idea.

He's doing this to an audience of largely non-native English speakers that need to use English to create their software if not interact with it...

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Looking at the Krita Huion contest made me realize that while I do own a drawing tube, but I've never used it outside of art class.

Might also be that I don't really drawing bigger than A4 most of the time.

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