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We've got a first HDR-enabled build of Krita working! There's still a lot of work to do, of course, but that it even works is already pretty amazing given how immature the technology is. Also, pity that the Windows snipping tool doesn't support HDR content...

okay, I wanted to heat up my food and now it seems someone ran off with the stove...

Student housing!

@timotimo found that pterotype does work for the user, so @thera does work(even if there's nothing there yet, because updates)

For the longest time, I used to have a google plus commenting thing for my wordpress website...

As that'll be gone in 4~ months, I've gone through my blogs and added the g+ comment threads at the bottom as a table.

Some of these discussions were about technical comics stuff so I didn't want to lose it.

Now to figure out what to do with the comments section. It seems I bumped into 's many gotchas and can't seem to find my blog via the fediverse...

Ah well...

I actually made these so I'd have a reference to hang on my wall when doing , but then I discover that due being lefthanded I have a much easier time doing gothic lettering with a brush(red and blue) instead of the tradional calligraphic nib(black).

I should scan these in properly next time I'm at the library though.

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Have any questions? ask.krita.org now exists! No login needed to ask, only to answer.

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bleh, someone on reddit decided the new qna website is unnecessary because the real reason people ask questions is because the documentation website is bad...

Now I feel bad for not doing my 100% this past month on Krita, but I know there's little to nothing that can be updated about the docs site since there haven't been many releases, but :/

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@bvh needed a painting of a group for a game.

In particular it was necessary to show that the different species in her story could have wildly different appearances. I drew this in 16bit float to help with the glowing eyes as well as handling the different skin tones more easily. Due to color maths the eyes pop through the vignette gradient, which was quite cool.

Of course, the most difficult part with groups is to pose the figures, and then of course, paint them.

Made in

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ok, been good and switched my hosting from the old style packages to the new packages... maybe that'll stop the daily emails that I ran out of bandwidth, which are entirely caused whenever blog is being aggregated by the kde planet.

Also has ssl now. Now need to figure out what to do with the G+ comments. There are enough replacements, amongst which even AP fueled ones, but I am more worried about preserving the history in the comments...

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Reminder: last evening for the yearly Krita Developer Fundraiser "Let’s squash the bugs". Already 7 months of bug fixing funded! That's great but not enough to fund a full year of bug fixing. Krita is my main tool, if you also use #krita consider it → krita.org

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.@krita has made it past the 25,000 € mark with little over 10 hours to go before the end of their fundraiser. You can still help fund the development by donating at krita.org/en/

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Laden with the fruits of the on-going Krita dev sprint, here's 4.1.5 with over forty bugfixes: krita.org/en/item/krita-4-1-5-

Whoa, I'd forgotten about for a while, took a look at the map editor and it seems they've implemented the preview of worlds stitched together from multiple map files.


Uploaded the video related to the image I did yesterday... Now to figure out whether to add this to my own channel or the krita foundation channel on peertube... youtube.com/watch?v=d3_HL9OoHs

Found something fun to do with the new palette docker and gamut masks. Also made a video, but will upload that one tomorrow after a final check.

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Everything is ready for Ramón Miranda's streaming demonstration of @krita and the presentation of the new Digital Atelier pack. 15 minutes and counting...


Spend all day on figuring out the weird bugs in the palette gsoc branch, now I have free time, but can't think of something to draw so I can test:/

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