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The KDE community is adding Matrix to its instant messaging communication infrastructure. Join our server, get a cool KDE handle and become part of the KDE conversation.

Matrix provides graphical instant messaging for desktop and mobile (with all its goodies: gifs, emojis, etc.), bridging for IRC channels, point to point encryption, file sharing, and more stuff that will help improve KDE's communications.


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Did some work on getting the current memory reporter to show the memory usage as a progress bar, the color slowly goes to red so that it becomes more and more omnious :)


Why is this a thing? Like, I sort of get why this is a thing, but, like, why can't we just have compression on anything above a certain file limit and leave files underneath that alone?


*tries to figure out the standard height of lines for notebooks*

*finds it's about 7mm in Europe*

*finds 8 different competing standards in the US and people having SERIOUS BUSSINESS arguments about which is better*

What the hell...

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Any painters/artists about? I'm looking to commission artwork to promote my new app. Find details at forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=! #krita #artwork #drawing #artists

Spend last two hours summarizing academic texts I read, and now my brain is mush.

I know it happens every time, but I keep being surprised by the amount of mush my brain feels like :<

Okay, so we have animation functionality that seems to be so intuitive that people keep getting stuck on the same three things: Onion skins, ram usage and animation export.

All of them would be solved if they looked up documentation / tutorials, but they do not because animation is fully intuitive until they hit those things.


Ha, this guy is going over HDR capable programs at VESA, and was one of the few applications he looked at:

'sworld's first painting application to support HDR indeed ;)

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Plasma Mobile AMA starts on r/linux on Reddit at 18:00 CET (UTC-1), that is, in about 5 minutes. This is your chance to ask PlaMo developers about the future of KDE on mobile devices live.

Okay, I've put her some clothes on during , but I think I'll quite working on her for now.

I might instead try to model her in , or try to redo this sheet when transformation masks are finally in .

For now, this is a pretty decent turntable of Kiki, I attached 3/4th(because masto doesn't allow more than 4 images) of her turntable as sheet so others have a good Kiki reference if they ever wanted to draw her.

Just finished the demo at , now it's showing the Kiki turn table(drew her clothes).

Tomorrow there will be a demo! (I am curious to see it too, haven't used it beyond simple montage :3)

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Off to fosdem... if the railways allow us O_O

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Over the last weekend, quite a few people pinged me about Akira, the upcoming free/libre interface design tool for Linux, and wanted it featured at LGW :) Well, here is the interview with the project's lead developer Alessandro Castellani:


Also the ora now contains a JSON file with 'mypaint-settings' for compositions. And probably what else.

Other than that: the convenience features are nice, brush engine seems it got extended, gotta play with that. It's got color blindness modes in. Would need to remember what was in the previous mypaint to begin with, I guess :p

Mypaint 2.0 observations:

1. Oof, linear compositing is made the default for mypaint, thankfully it is seperately noted in ORA, but very weirdly. (composite-op="svg:spectral-wgm")
2. The spectral color mixing stuff is really impressive that it is this performant(older versions required a 10gb look up table to be included, doesn't seem to be necessary anymore)
3. ... but it is waaaay less performant than mypaint 1.2 was.

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Please test our new test builds! krita.org/en/item/new-test-bui (note: it's still unstable, don't use it for any real work!)

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