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account manager sought:

Basically, we need someone who is comfortable with using peertube, is comfortable answering krita questions and is willing to be up during European daytime to communicate with us.

(Wolthera won't be doing it because she's too busy with manual/tumblr/her bachelor thesis :<)

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This week's Krita contributors meeting is over. Last week we released Krita 4.0.4 and did some preparation for 4.1.0, but our maintainer was sick and our lead developer was visiting relatives. Still, lots happened:

Spent the most of the day on this. After another scrapped attempt I decided to simplify the tail massively, as using the three-tiered version made me go cross-eyed.

This version of the tail still pops all over the place and is 16frames as opposed to the rest of the body(which is 32 frames). On top of that, the tail still ended up massively sketchy as I couldn't ink it properly with the huge size each line has. I suspect I'll have to reink it later... again :/

Managed to get the hands done(don't look too closely though O_O).

I thought I'd be able to do the tail today as well, but I barely slept last night and that tail is actually super complicated so very quickly I ended up with a gazillion lines wcich all didn't make sense. I will proly trash the current tail and appoach it differently. (The tail also needs to be less broad, looking at the reference...)

Also an attempt at using mp4 so mastodon doesn't trash the lines. EDIT: Nope.

Okay, after 2 days the base body done. I decided to make the top view from which I am projecting a little bit more precise, which was a good idea because the feet turned out to be a bit flakey.

I feel a little weird for detailing her hips this much, but at the same time the prime reason I wanted to make this is because I couldn't tell where the hips were on Tyson's model sheet.

It's still popping a little here and there, but I'll look at that later.

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We just released Krita 4.0.4! The last Krita 4.0 bugfix release: tomorrow we'll prepare the first alpha release of Krita 4.1.0 :-) krita.org/en/item/krita-4-0-4-

Wanted to have some fun today, and because we had so much stuff done to animation I wanted to do some animation stuff. But because I had been working on the manual as well, I decided to go for a turntable of Kiki, crossing Tyson's own model sheets of her with my own stylisations.

This is nowhere near finished. I think I'll first target getting the base body smooth and then the clothes and all that detail.


Weh, gradients and hatch fills are removed from svg2 :(

Though admittedly I am mostly concerned text stays where it is. :<
(Multiline text in svg 1.1 is super awkward right now)

apparantly OpenGL/OpenCL are "legacy technology" now: developer.apple.com/macos/what

Guess which technologies are used by the majority of FOSS applications if they use such technologies at all...

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* burns a hole into the screen staring at the section where the kde localisation people's irc nicknames should be if they are online *

Getting translation infrastructure setup is the last thing that could affect the configuration.

Mind you, after that we'll have to get the manual ready for 4.1, but at the least we'll know what to answer people who want to help...

Nope, the faq now redirects properly as well :3

Very happy with that.

With some help of the sysadmins I could write all the redirects and most of the old links now redirect properly.

Except the faq. There's something ironic about that >_>

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OMG #Krita has the cutest build instructions. These are actually referenced from their official documentation as the canonical way to build it.

How to build Krita... for cats!


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Yay, docs.krita.org moved to sphinx!

This means amongst other things that it is faster(static pages), but also that we can use a gettext workflow to have it translated, and that we can create offline epub files quite simply.

We're still figuring things out, amongst others the old media wiki links don't work anymore leading to potentially a lot of 404 pages. orz

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And our 2018 sprint is over! We've been productive, and we've had fun: krita.org/en/item/krita-2018-s

Okay, manual ported 100% (minus some tweaks). Okular thinks the epub is roughly 1080 pages. Good number to throw at people who say foss projects have bad docs and that they miss the old software manual doorstopper of ages past. :<

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๐Ÿ“ท I joined Krita Sprint 2018 in Deventer (Netherlands)! Here is a picture with all participants+nicknames. All discussions, debates, demoing bugs, etc... are so much faster when we are all on the same room! We have good time. ๐Ÿ™‚