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Beeld en Geluid is the Netherlands Sound & Vision museum. They have a massive archive of thousands of videos available on the Fediverse at:

➡️ @nisv (in Dutch)

If the videos aren't visible on your instance yet, you can see them all at peertube.beeldengeluid.nl/a/ni

The museum's website is at beeldengeluid.nl/en (in English and Dutch)

#BeeldEnGeluid #Museum #Museums #SoundAndVision #Academic #Art #Film #Videos #Video #Audio #Media #Multimedia #Archive #History #Netherlands #Nederlands

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Goodbye 2021. Apart from regular commissions, I did a lot of landscapes and personal illustrations in #2021. Here are few of the pieces. Hope to do more personal artworks in 2022.

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Alright, updating branding everywhere, and people who are following @kritafoundation will also see a flood of videos coming in (I've been in bug and documentation mode the past few months, so didn't have the mind space to update...)

Try to figure out what ruby-layout might look like in . There's a possibility to use the display values in css-ruby-layout-level-1, which seems to mostly work.

So I made test svg files that define ruby on a given text, and made a python script that parse that and turn it into svg 1.1 text. Parsing of the simple case goes fine. But then I realized that getting font-metrics is hard without gui toolkit. Will focus on parsing rest, now.

For those unfamiliar:

... I was wondering 'is there anything good in this release? Because I'm only seeing cycles stuff, which, well, yeah, good, but not exactly major version number worthy... turns out they managed to get geometry nodes in.

Geometry nodes are definitely a major-version number thing. Also asset browser. But geometry nodes are like, really BIG.

(Allows for procedural modeling, which right now has been the primary domain of the package Houdini, and very rare outside of that)

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Oh, Blender 3's out. We'd been wondering if Krita 5 would be first or they. Guess that's solved.


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Are there any pixel art editors out there that have tile support AND have good *tileset* management tools?

Pyxel Edit does not. I haven't tried the Aseprite 1.3 beta, but it seems like tileset management is an afterthought in that too.

I make tilesets for gamedev, layout matters. I need to be able to put tiles into fixed arrangements that I can then move around and edit in groups. I need to be able to leave gaps.

...without having to duplicate the entire tileset in the main document :/

I remember a few years ago that kerning in was something I'd do by accident. Currently it seems I have an easier time figuring out contextual substitution.

Anyway, the bold-looking is actually the one that'd be better for A6, as it's got chunkier metrics, though I still need to adjust the stems. Not too happy with the accented capitals. Might need to create smallcaps to deal with that...

This was very useful, btw: fonttutorials.com/how-to-name-

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Didn't have internet today, so spend it on finally finishing up vectorizing all the glyphs for my currently used comic font.

Now I still need to kern it... I've also sort of given up on keeping the regular version in sync with the bolded one, I think I need to be more experienced with fonts before I can really handle that.

Worse, while this font is excellent on A4 comics, I am actually working on an A6 one, and that needs a slightly different metrics :D

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Hey, I'm looking for French to English translators contributors for my webcomic Pepper&Carrot. I detail why and how in this article: davidrevoy.com/article878/look

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Second beta of Krita 5 released! krita.org/en/item/second-beta- Please help us test it and report those pesky bugs!

Someone in Inkscape release thread: Inkscape's UI is sooo bad, they need to really simplify it. Honestly, they should look at a REAL ui, like ProCreate's!

(Procreate is a raster image editing application firstmost, inkscape a vector editing application, they cannot share the same UI, period.)

This is on the level of hackernews deciding Krita is an alternative to Adobe illustrator...

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Stumbled upon a wonderful street view on Mapcrunch, so did a virtual plein-air study with it. Process recording can be viewed here - youtu.be/YrkkwKuX71E

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PSA: if anyone emails you from krita.biz, krita.io or krita.com with this "proposal", DO NOT FALL FOR IT, it's a scam. We don't own those domains and we will never spam you. Please spread the word!

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