Here's a little peek beind the curtain on how I came up with the composition for Lucy's portrait.

My client asked for Lucy to be in Central Park, NY during the autumn. Having never been to NYC myself, I needed to research the different areas of the park, the species of trees and how the paths and benches looked, so that it would be instantly recognisable.

Commission info:

Here's a recently finished commission that I'm pretty proud of!

My customer that wanted a complex background in their portrait that was not in the original reference, and they let me have full creative freedom with it! The whole process was so fun. It was a lovely change from drawing only head and shoulder portraits 😁

"Lucy" colour pencil commission on hot pressed watercolour paper. Size 29.7 x 21cm (A4)

Commission info:

G'morning! Here's another beetle illustration I worked on last year! This one is of a giant rhinoceros beetle.

Thanks so much for all your kind words so far on my art, I can't get over just how friendly and lovely everyone is here. Such a different experience from the hellsites that are Twitter/Insta

Some technical ramble: I used Polychromos, Pablo and Luminance pencils, on Fabriano Artistico Hot Pressed watercolour paper, with odourless mineral spirits to blend.

One of my favourite little mini-illustrations from last year. I've not had much chance to draw for myself in what feels like forever, I've been bogged down by commissions since last September haha! (not that that's a bad thing, but I've been desperate to draw something other than dogs and cats for ages now)

Finally got some free time again, so I wanna do more beetle drawings again soon!

New here so thought I'd introduce myself! Hi, I'm Monique, and I'm a wildlife artist from the UK! :) It's good to be here!


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