G'morning! Here's another beetle illustration I worked on last year! This one is of a giant rhinoceros beetle.

Thanks so much for all your kind words so far on my art, I can't get over just how friendly and lovely everyone is here. Such a different experience from the hellsites that are Twitter/Insta

Some technical ramble: I used Polychromos, Pablo and Luminance pencils, on Fabriano Artistico Hot Pressed watercolour paper, with odourless mineral spirits to blend.

@WildPortraitArtist We were talking about colouring pencils in our Discord recently, someone was asking for tips. I know a little, coming from a colouring page background (I make adult colouring pages), but if you ever feel inclined to share some general tips, I'm sure they'd be welcome here! <3

@WildPortraitArtist that's wonderful, fantastic detail. And I like the way you've displayed it, I struggle with that aspect of art sharing

@Liveotherwise Aww thank you! You're not alone in that struggle, I find it pretty difficult too haha. Usually I look at how people compose their photos on instagram and try to emulate it :)

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