Man, I got into homestuck during the weird period where it had been dead for years when I finally caved into reading it with a friend.

Then I found the Pgen pod from them and loved the analysis of this cool internet thing.

Then new stuff came out and I kinda fell out of it and apparently the cool analytical fanbase became the horrorshow all my art friends talked about from their teen years?

No wonder they hate it so much.

Just. Fuck.

Everything is on fire and falling apart.

Can I really just keep doing art?

What else would I do?


What is sleep? I want to draw. But my body is dying.

And can't sleep more than 5 hours at a time.

once every 20ish hours...

When you're doing a drawing and the hand looks weird and well, this happens

I have become the wonderful 101.

What a game. Kinda fun but also incredibly bad in a lot of ways. High highs, too many low lows.

Twitter killed itself.

My new home is here.

Hopefully more people migrate. Glad to see Cassidy!

perspective is hard.
linework shadow also hard.
How do the smooth artists do smooth?


Latest comic for Rage on the Page discord's latest OCT: Turf War

In between comics hells, I've taken a day to finally play FF7R for more than 5 minutes.

Apparently it's just literally homestuck?

Im new to this.

But it's a new time. I applied for a grant I'll never get.

Now it is time for this precious engineer.


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