That review's getting traction. Starting to receive friend requests from it but not accepting any of them because it's probably transphobes wanting to have a go XD

Update: In case anyone else is interested, it connects to an online world with other players running around you, but you can play the game entirely solo without needing to interact with or party with other players. :)

Has anyone played TemTem? I'm wondering how essential the multiplayer component is - is it still playable if you don't interact or party or do anything with other people?

Jaco encountering a hilariously bad loser in Overwatch XD (CW: caps) 

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My partner recently lost their job and it would be so much better for them if they had a remote/WFH position. Anybody know of any leads for work from home jobs? My partner has plenty of customer service experience. Plz boost if you see this. Thanks!

" Newyddion torri !!! Rhondda Pride fydd y Balchder Saesneg / Cymraeg dwyieithog cyntaf! Mae gennym ni'r prif lwyfan a'r llwyfan Cymraeg felly rydyn ni'n mynd ati i chwilio am unrhyw gantorion, dawnswyr, artistiaid, actau llusgo, bandiau a gwirfoddolwyr LGBTQ + sy'n siarad Cymru ... os ydych chi neu rywun rydych chi'n ei adnabod eisiau dathlu amrywiaeth y Cymraeg cysylltwch â ni !!! "

Sharing from their FB site:

"Breaking news!!! Rhondda Pride will be the first bilingual English/Welsh Language Pride! We have both the main stage and the Welsh language stage so we are actively looking for any LGBTQ + Welsh speaking singers, dancers, artists, drag acts, bands and volunteers... if you or someone you know wants to celebrate the diversity of the Welsh language please contact us!!! "

New weightlifting PBs today! Seated curl from 6kg to 7kg, flyes from 6kg to 8kg (Jaco had to put them in my hands; I could lift them once they were in position but couldn't pick them up off the floor while lying on my back XD), 1 arm row from 8.5kg to 11kg \o/

Ded now, bring cake pls This is a cool bundle! It's all books about various kinds of crafting - knitting, sewing, embroidery, home decor, gardening, crochet, knotting, restoring furniture - loads of fun stuff :D

Finished! :D Up for adoption if anyone would like to give this piece a home. $40 USD which includes worldwide shipping.

Had a strong urge to draw tonight, so here we are :) This is the last page from a pad. I used to be terrified of blank paper. I'd end up hoarding empty pads because I'd be too afraid to draw anything for fear of not being happy with it and sullying the potential that the empty page held with something disappointing once finished.

Now I draw because the experience itself is meditative, the journey is fulfilling. It doesn't matter what the end looks like, the empty paper is just the vehicle.

My friend's got this book project on Unbound; - it's a study of cities in videogames. If you like videogames, urban planning, and maps, it's probably your kinda thing. :D

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Last week, inspired by @welshpixie I did some and it was fun. It's a fantastic adventure to go with your kid too!

Can't wait to do some more.

Have a great day, everyone!!?showOnly=openAccess&offset=0&pageSize=0&q=sword&perPage=80&sortBy=Relevance&sortOrder=asc&searchField=All

A magnificent array of swords, photographed in high resolution by The Met. Go have a look. Delve into a world of pretty ornamentation and amazing miniature relief sculpture. I'll put the kettle on. ^.^

We've been having winds of 170kmh here the past couple of days. My friend's renting a place near me, the wind blew her concrete wall down overnight :O

(Our house is fine; had a bit of rain blowing through the front door but not enough to do any damage.)

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