You know those things where someone posts a foreign word and the definition of it, usually a word with a meaning that doesn't exist in other languages, and it's over a pretty picture and it's all romanticised and shit? Just experienced that with Welsh along with some flowery 'deep' meaning for the word, and it's just the word 'habitat' translated and means exactly the same 😂 OH PEOPLE

My mum's bf's bank accounts got hacked today. Three different banks, all big banks in the UK, one of which uses a chip and pin security device to log in. He has a different password for all three banks (all complex passwords), only logs in from one computer, their wifi is password protected, he has AV and malware software running on the computer.

Thoughts? She called for advice on securing the puter / accounts but I don't know what else they can do really.

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Separating art from artist 

Anyone on here play Final Fantasy Online? Got a question about zones and levelling (just started playing, lvl 18) - I see there are multiple level-appropriate areas in zones connected to the different cities; does the main questline take you to all of them, or does it just take you to some of them and you can go to the others if you want to 'top up' your XP? Speaking from an explorer perspective, I'd like to 'experience' all of the places. ^.^

This one was too big for Deviant Art so I stuck it on Flickr. It's 10k, you should be able to download it full size from Flickr if you want it.

This is rendered at 8k, and the full size image was too big to post here and I didn' t want to compress it too much while keeping it 8k because of quality loss, so the one attached to this toot is a small version, and you can download the full 8k version here >

It's not big enough though. I need to go deeper! *plots 16k fractal render*

4k made in JWildfire.

I have a new CPU and rendering these is nice and fast now. I'm going to try 8k next! UBERFRACTAL

Anyone know of an audio connector tasking thing for Linux? I want to have my speakers and headphones both plugged in and switch audio between them as necessary, rather than having to switch what's plugged in all the time. Can't seem to do that through Pulse (at leas not that I can figure out!)

2880x1620p fractal. - use as you will! ^.^

Made in JWildfire.

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