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HELLO FRIENDS. I bring you my suddenly inspired and late-submission for ArtOrder's Tiny Dragons call for art. I'm feeling goopey, y'all get goopey dragons. Used mostly my poster colors and a little bit of old as crap colored pencil. All on cold-press (which I am honestly suprised survived the excess water I kept plopping down) watercolor paper. I even made a value study to see if it would work. It kinda worked. Not well but....yah.

I love and appreciate @rowkey the coolest person to host my vagabond self!

Small doodles of Irenott with the unfortunately named Dong-a Anyball . yama-guri on the page too.

HEY! I get to go see @rowkey this week! WOOHOO! I get to hang out at their workplace and ART. probably what I'm going to do. XD I did it in college, I can do it again.

Sometimes I'm just feeling.... magic-horse-feather. it's that dang weird oil pencil too.

It sucks to realize that the thing you're good at... isn't really something your're good at. Specifically if it's something you enjoy. Like art. not a good artist. I know that. I enjoy, I work hard, but I'm not good at it.

I' an odd art mood. I need to fo things for but the lack of search-function is terrible.

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So @Weavrr was like "you'd better draw your orc girl in mom jeans"

So this is Wari. She's got one pointy ear and one floppy ear and fights catfish (and you) for a living.

@rowkey also posted them here you beautiful person!

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...............AM NOT BURNT UP. Fire is 70% contained!

SPRING FIRE update: It's raining and hopefully the fire will get under control.

The La Veta fire is buring 46 miles from my home. It's not getting better.

I finally have a device that can handle Tusky and oh no now I can be on here more.

A new and terrible mixing chart for my non gouache colors. All are colors except for the indigo.

Maybe working on something for ArtFight! New references are needed.

Some things I'm working on. My sweet Tiefling Warlock, Irenott! She keeps fish.

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I don't often talk about my mental health, but I deal with depression, anxiety, and dermatillomania. I've been using the free version of a CBT app called Pacifica that is designed for depression and anxiety. It has mood- and health-journaling features that have really been helped me recognize thought and behavior patterns, and even some guided meditation that helps me control my thought spirals.

If that sounds like something you might want to try, here is the thing:

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