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I figure I should do an actual toot again. Hi, I'm Weavrr. I'm found all over and I've been here on mastodon a bit. Not much but yeah. I go out and ing I also do the thing. I'm between jobs at the moment and I'm thinking of opening up for small things. I like and and

GOING TO MISSOURI to see @rowkey and we're gonna do all the Missouri things!

Today, after a crap-month (family death, joblessness, bad brain days) I went out to paint. I was rained out three times. 3 TIMES. We were not supposed to get rain and now I'm home angry-glaring at the Steller's Jays and BBMagpies.

I have holiday jerky. It's delicious. That is all.

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so i have this book title stuck in my head. "something wicked this way comes"

i dont know why. seeing as i didnt even know it was a book title till i looked it up just now.

AAAA. Okay. Whew. I finished the poster. For Colorado Trout Unlimited. I suck at handlettering but thank goodness my favorite font is a FREE one. We'll see if I win this contest or not.

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CSPro has decided to DIE. I cannot open a new canvas anymore. D:

Not leaving this as bare pencil. Was going to get very confusing if I did. Grand Sphinx wishes her grandkids would visit.

Oh boy. Okay. I have things I'm working on. Something suddenly broke and now it's a FLOOD OF SPHINXES. Watercoloring.

I don't understand what happened or why, but I am grateful the block broke.

It's been......a weird time. I need to art but it feels like such a chore and I hate that I feel like this.


OKAY. Gotta re-install a bunch of things. Got my sisters newish CTL-490 and I LOVE IT! Big step up from the ol' MTE-450.

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Have a curly sphinx! In my mind are natural magicish beasts. are... different. Started off as created beasts but have become naturalized. Magicless. thanks @rowkey for making me try Tombow dual brush markers!

Well the golden birthday was fun and low-key. 29 on the 29th of December. I got free bread-pudding! Since I haven't heard back from some jobs.... I'm going out plain sure painting in january.

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first time touching graphite pencils; I went over a quick Gandalf sketch (the blue pencil) to experiment with strokes and lines and how to hold them and stuff. I really like graphite but don't grok the different densities yet. #mastoart

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here's my but like 4 different versions because I can't decide. I think I'm going with the name Sunspider.

idk who they are but I do know that they bite. 🧛

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