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HELLO FRIENDS. I bring you my suddenly inspired and late-submission for ArtOrder's Tiny Dragons call for art. I'm feeling goopey, y'all get goopey dragons. Used mostly my poster colors and a little bit of old as crap colored pencil. All on cold-press (which I am honestly suprised survived the excess water I kept plopping down) watercolor paper. I even made a value study to see if it would work. It kinda worked. Not well but....yah.

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I don't often talk about my mental health, but I deal with depression, anxiety, and dermatillomania. I've been using the free version of a CBT app called Pacifica that is designed for depression and anxiety. It has mood- and health-journaling features that have really been helped me recognize thought and behavior patterns, and even some guided meditation that helps me control my thought spirals.

If that sounds like something you might want to try, here is the thing: thinkpacifica.com/

Hallo folks who have decided to follow me: I'm Weavrr and I finally have a phone that can handle TUSKY. So.....yeah. Posting stuff and thinking orc-thoughts!

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I am slowly learning to embroider. It's a patience thing and I am not patient.

Aaaah! @quesadillawizard is on! Shoot this is fantastic!

Working on a in that bee paper skeychbook. Maybe add color, used that sepia dark oil pencil from @rowkey .

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j EEZ fountain pen inks go nuts on watercolor paper sometimes. ๐ŸŽ†

So, plotting on playing this dang cutie-patootie soon. Gonna be the best Hexblade Warlock ever!

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While @Weavrr was in town, we stumbled upon a Daniel Smith watercolor sale and I splurged on some Moonglow. Here it is next to her Shadow Violet- both so stunning. โ˜ ๏ธ

I am very excited for and I'm dropping in my Tiefling Pact of the Blade Warlock, Irenott! She's a fan of fish and works as a Guild Artisan/researcher studying sentient weapons.

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Had a wonderful time hosting @Weavrr. We managed to accidentally find a pen/stationery shop in Kansas, so WALLETS WERE DESTROYED. Smoky Quartz is my newest ink addition...mud inks mmm

@rowkey and I went to some COOL places and I picked up the cutest Leuchtturm ever. I got a new TWSBI eco and a whole bottle of Antietam! And picked up some Blackwings too! Our wallets are crying but I love all of it.

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Before I run away to cafe job, here are a few of my favorite photos from farmsitting for a friend: a highland cow and her highland/tibetan-yak offspring. Adored watching them. ๐Ÿ’š

I come back things are fine and OH NO EXT HDD IS NOT SHOWING UP. LORDY. I don't want to reformat this again. D:

AM FINALLY HOME. OOF. Guess what? @rowkey is the nicest sweetest person and they have the BEST DOG and we went on a pen and art-supply GEEK OUT.

Leaving bird job on the 12th to visit Jess and @rowkey ! So flipping excited to meet these cool people!

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Farmsitting for almost two weeks in early May, and then immediately after I'll be meeting @Weavrr in-person for the first time; we met back on Livejournal something like thirteen (?) years ago. Wild!

I've fallen in love with my terrible Tiefling. I need to play her in a game at some point.