It's been forever and a day since I posted so here's some practice sketches of expressions from photos

« Guys! Do you know any writers open for commission? I need a hurt/comfort fanfiction about two gay witchers. It needs to be fluffy and a little bit angsty. RTs appraciated! »

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Had fun doing a "self portrait" - does it still count as a self portrait if I drew it from a photo?

Can't sleep so here's the next bag I'm painting. A friend suggested I paint the black hole discovered this year so that'll be fun to tackle. :da_grin:

Figure drawing (naked) 

@onxapu I have a really hard time with proportions too

More practice sketches. One is a yawning jaguar and the other I started doing a face from this site (, but now I'm tired and noses are hard so I'll probably finish it tomorrow.

Did another animal sketch for my probably-never-going-to-be-a-comic, the MC who's animal form is a jaguar and I'm not even attempting the spots this late at night.

@kahakai Aw thank you! I was following a tutorial about painting galaxies that I found online. It was fun

Finally finished sealing my first painted tote bag and it looks pretty cool. Now what to do for the next one?

So I've had an idea for a shapeshifter comic for ages and I finally started doing sketches for it. Mostly the characters' animal forms because animals can be expressive as hell. References from @hourlyfoxbot

Badly photographed world building sketches for a comic that may or may not ever get made.

Been sick so a FB friend asked for a dramatic reenactment of it, I drew this.

This whole re-learning how to draw thing is frustrating and I can tell it's going to be frustrating all the way through, if only because I am never so irrationally hard on myself as I am when it comes to drawing shit.

Decided to practice drawing references for the time being.

@Uccellinomio In my experience most of the NSFW artists I follow take it on good faith that their followers are 18+.

@Uccellinomio What about just showing them your ID to prove your age?

@melpsn For me it's the realization that I have a lot more interesting stuff in my head than the person I'm talking to.

@notresponding This is great - love the cross hatching effect you get with the pens

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