I'm making a collab calendar with my boyfriend every year and these are two previews of my pieces for the 2020 calendar :)

@WeaponizedSoul thank yooou!! :> is your username a Dirk Gently reference by any means? x)

@sternengreif Me too! The BBC did a totally separate DG series years earlier that was a total 180 in style and tone, but I loved that one too

@WeaponizedSoul i havent seen that yet, i just know the newer one and one of the books i think! so some more content for me :) sounds good! what ive seen from it looked pretty fun already! is it out on dvd or something?


@sternengreif I haven't picked up the books in ages, but they are fun. Always great summer reading in my opinion. Such a shame the newer DG got cancelled - the older one only lasted 1 season too.

I don't know if it's on dvd, should be, but you can find out about here:

Enjoy! πŸ‘

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@sternengreif Well maybe in 6-7 years they'll release another DG series 😁

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