I believe it's important to acknowledge your achievements, especially when it feels like you're in a rut.
Going to compile a thread of things I managed to do and ways I grew in 2020. 🧡‡️

The first thing I did was release the first of 5 singles with my band, Waxlimbs. It's called Sheltering Night, and it preceded the pandemic by a couple months. It's the last song we put out before changing direction in a big way, so in some ways it feels like a turning point for me.


The next thing I did was start learning to make scalemaille and chainmaille. I started by making my first set, and from there got better and more creative with simple designs. I'm very proud of this skill now.

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The next big moment this past year was less tangible but really important to me. I came out to some close friends and a few others as non binary. Turns out spending a lot of time with yourself in quarantine can (in some cases) be good for gender exploration.

My band Waxlimbs released our second single of 2020 called Witnessing, which marked a sea change for our sound.
Very proud of this song, although I want to revisit the mix down the line.

Cover artwork by Saffron Aurora

Following Witnessing was a song called Dead In The Water, which we were fortunate enough to make a music video for before Ontario's COVID case numbers skyrocketed.
I feel like this is one of the best distillations of what my band's live aesthetic is to date. We miss playing shows a lot.


Then came 'Watcher,' which is the song I might be the most proud of writing, ever. I really feel like I got to a good place with the sound and the lyrics.


Cover art by Emma Mochii

After Watcher was 'It Speaks,' which was a hell of a struggle to complete. Right up until the last second, we weren't sure if it would make the cut. Fortunately, everyone came together like a goddamn Voltron and we figured it out. I love this song in all its weirdness now.


Cover art by Julian Danyliw-Wilson

Now I have to backtrack a bit because I forgot about a solo song I released just as the pandemic was beginning in Canada. The Veil is more electronic and low-energy than the Waxlimbs stuff, but I feel like it captured something about how things felt to me, at the time.


To wrap up the music focus, I really started to involve myself in client work as a composer for games! Most of my projects are currently unannounced, but Fire Tonight is public knowledge and will be releasing in early 2021! This kind of work has been a big departure from my comfort zone, but it's exhilarating all the same.


Another skill I wanted to pick up for ages, but didn't find time for until quarantine hit was making latex clothing. I hate sewing and love the aesthetic, so I set about making some simple pieces with this really cool material.

And lastly, a skill that makes me so happy to have been learning is makeup! It's hard but there's a world of knowledge out these and it's yknow, really affirming.

Overall, last year was terrible. I am proud of myself though, for finding positive moments and giving myself the opportunity to learn new things while growing as an artist and in my understanding of myself.

I hope 2021 is better for everyone, and that you're also proud of yourself β™₯


@Waxlimbs I love the water colour look on this. Great job. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

@MustafaKulle We're really happy with it too! We approached Julian because of some landscapes we'd seen of his, and he didn't disappoint.

@JLGribble Thank you so much!!! Sorry I just checked my notifications now- but glad you like it :)

@TapiocaPearl Thank you!!! It's one of those things I can't be sure I would have pursued if I wasn't stuck at home without a social life.

@loki β™₯ Thanks so much, that's really kind of you! πŸ˜…

@Waxlimbs πŸ’š skills like this are impressive and deserve to be praised. Thank you for sharing πŸ˜„

(also i just saw the link to bandcamp and i am rlly vibing with this music too)

@Waxlimbs i feel like you and @owlofscowl on birdhellsite might get along really well,

they make assorted chainlink jewellery in assemblies of bright hues and patterns which are pretty nifty

@Waxlimbs omg so pretty

Do you happen to sell them (I'm not sure I would buy them, if you live far away the delivery cost might be high etc... just wondering) ?

Do you need a lot of tools to do that ?

@Nocta I do sell them via an etsy shop! They're not really "stock" items- my plan is to put them up as I make them and adjust each piece to peoples' measurements when they order. I'm based in Toronto, in reference to distance!

You don't need a lot of tools, I just use a pair of chain nose pliers without teeth for most stuff, and you can find those for under $10 CAD each, in my experience.

@Waxlimbs Nice !

I saw on your profile you're in Toronto but I don't see an etsy link :<

I'm adding this to the long list of things I want to learn but probably never will *_*

@Nocta Haha yeah, it was one of those skills for me as well, until I found myself with some time and not much to do :) The supplier for rings and scales is also in Toronto so it's easy for me to get new materials quickly.

I tend not to advertise my etsy, but I can link it here: etsy.com/ca/shop/KettleAndBone

I don't have any of the larger pieces up yet due to... laziness πŸ˜…

@Waxlimbs This is so neat! Is that a metal that you're using? I know that some folks have 3D printed maille - so I'm curious what your material is!

@TheGreenLibrarian Ohhh 3D Printed maille is awesome, I assume SLS nylon?

I'm using anodized aluminum rings and scales πŸ™‚

@Waxlimbs Good to know, thank you for sharing!

I've read about folks who've used nylon. Myself, I've only attempted with a PLA, but got a pretty successful trial! I believe my colleague once used bronzefill PLA for an off-the-printer metallic look.

@TheGreenLibrarian Agh that's so cool! I would love to get into SLS but you really need the right space for it. Awesome that you've got it working with PLA!

@oct2pus Thank you! They're the most recent pattern I've picked up, and I love adding floral stuff to my armor :)

@mo aw thank you! I've got a few more on the go currently, I'll be sure to post them here when they're done!

@Waxlimbs how exciting! imma look forward to it 🐍 πŸ‘€

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