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Preorder it now, get the singles immediately.

This is my first full-length album under the name Feyla, and my first solo record since 2013. Hope you like it as much as I had fun making it, and sharing it around is hugely appreciated 🖤🖤🖤

Obsessed with sharing breakfast with friends, but recently I tried breakfast alone and it’s ...great?

My band has released a new song called Sheltering Night! It's a song about melting, and stuff like that. I drew the cover art, which I figure makes it fit a bit more on this server.

It's out everywhere, but our Bandcamp is the most "complete" place to listen, with things like lyrics, credits, etc.

Happy new year, I hope you like this song!

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@Waxlimbs makes solo ambient/electronic music here:

and has a band Waxlimbs who make slowcore-ish indie/electronic rock:

Woah, so Thursday was the album release party for my new record, and it was nuts! The whole crowd was singing, louder than we could play! Here's a clip someone grabbed.

If you want to hear the album, checkit here:

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it really is the end times of late capitalism because tom nook seems so reasonable

Tried animating for the first time in almost a decade, and actually had fun! Also, first time using Krita which I'm thoroughly enjoying :)

Here are two new songs I'm calling a single. Doesn't make sense. Why does the world insist on this? Why not a couplet?

Also, new music will be released in the morning. Good night sweet buddies. 😴

Got a finished commission today and oh my god I’m so excited to share it! Soon, like this month.

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Seriously the modulation on this thing makes it awesome. Messing with some angry french horn sounds and hearing people shouting somewhere in there.

I love ableton's Echo effect, can you tell?

Here's my new tune, Flicker Demon:

Rest of the album comes out on May 5th! Sharing is hugely appreciated <3

Little piece of design I did for my band Waxlimbs. We wear polygonal masks on stage, which explains the head shape.
Check out if you're interested!

Beautiful tune:

I'm a huge Ryuichi Sakamoto fan, and one of Oneohtrix Point Never as well, so this is gold for me.

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