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Unemployed, selling what I have to buy groceries: neoprene and anodized aluminum bracelets, one size fits most, various designs, $20 including USA shipping to #maille #chainmail #jewelry #art #mastoart

Yemeni photographer Boushra Almutawakel from 'The Hijab Series: Mother, Daughter, and Doll' (2010) #womensart

Textile and embroidery art of contemporary Munich-based artist Veselka Bulkan #womensart

Private musician at the bus stop in #nijmegen. I love this town โค๏ธ

this weekend seen some superb movies namely "the grand Budapest hotel" and "isle of dogs", both made by Wes Anderson and a lot of the same actors. Two totally different movies but both great.

If you have the time, see them!

btw the music is also a bonus

'My wife doesn't work' poster (c.1976) by See Red Women's Workshop, London #womensart #IWD

'Purple Cortinarius' by Barbara Franc, artist who creates sculptures of flora and fauna from recycled metals #womensart

I've released new images from my Spanish vintage tavern project. Follow the link to check them out!

If you like strings, you gotta watch this. Dr. Mix is a studio artist that has his YouTube channel where he explains a lot about music.

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