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some of the best jokes are made by deliberately ignoring context

a thing i see people doing sometimes is stereotyping bigots as ugly, unintelligent, etc, and there are two reasons i think we should avoid doing that

1. it splash damages onto people who also fall into those categories. saying β€˜haha, person X is racist, they probably have a tiny dick’ only works if you’re implying that having a tiny dick is bad, and that’s body-shaming even if you’re being Woke about it
2. it sets up the contrapositive: if bigoted people are ugly and unintelligent, then smart or attractive people can’t be bigoted. and that’s obviously false and a dangerous thing to believe.


Sure! The a sort of art carnival starts friday and ends somewhere in august!

We try to go as much as we can!

De Parade......whooohoooo


Thanks for the tip, my usual linux flavour is Xubuntu. Next to that i use ZorinOS.

was just for curiosity.

and the adventure ends before it really begins.

The live version worked clean, but after installing the system hangs.

Scenes from around Phnom Penh. Wat Phnom and the sisowath quay. Was a beautiful day out yesterday. #photography

Also I finally had an excuse to put Tron in the title and main image of a news article.

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