I'm rewatching Battlestar Galactica because I love disappointment.


The old show or the new one?

I loved the new one (also nice music).

After NBG we started to watch Caprica One, also a good show.

@WandelStock the remake, I may go back and watch the 80s version again after, I don't think I've seen that since it was first shown. I loved it as a kid, I had a model Viper and everything. I expect it hasn't aged well, but that'll go with the "disappointment" theme quite well.

I never watched Caprica, since I was sure it'd be cancelled abruptly and I'd be very disappointed ... so maybe it's time!

@mike @WandelStock

if you're going to watch Caprica, be prepared to hate the character of Sister Clarice.


@Nikolai_Kingsley @mike

It was a long time ago i saw that show, looked up that character, and yes you are right.

Soon time for a rewatch

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