tfw your hands are faster than your thoughts and confuse "who" and "you" and produce "whou"

Ronde 180918 – In beeld
#geuzenbos #amsterdam #hooglanders #koniks #freenature
Een vorstelijke wandeling zonder poespas, ver weg van Den Haag en nog lachen ook ...
Meer plaatjes van deze ronde klik op onderstaande link:

Two gorgeous orange flowers have appeared in the garden 😁 All phone pics, the macros are with a clip on macro attachment. #photography

Planting lambs lettuce and miner's lettuce today #veggies #organic

Hey, did you know that the etymology of the word 'sky' is from old viking? It meant 'cloud' - but in Britain that's basically the sky most of the time, hence the semantic shift


An alle Jammerlappen da draußen: So sieht's aus ;)

β™² @Is lieb? (


#talent #begabung #ΓΌbung #ΓΌben #training #islieb

Done weee! The background for this one gave me so much grief, trying to find a colour I was happy with -.-

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource @krita

We also found some lovely . But for the time of the year there are almost no different species. We counted 17 of the 1500 in our forrest

Today we hiked with our friendly forester to inspect a newly made reptile corridor in the Stippelberg forest

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