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Nice rooms in the Matrix to stop by:

Do you like sustainable gardening, look into the Green Gardening Room

You love trekking, look at the Great Outdoors

After all that serious stuff the is time for a beer and some music at the

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To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-8 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

(to emphasize the importance)

Started with the TV-series Deutschland 83, Germany at the center of the cold war. Seen so far 2 episoded.

- Love the 80's music.
- Lost of recognizable things.
- And who doesn't like the 80's :)

At Amazon Prime

Weil hier neulich über Berliner vs. Pfannkuchen diskutiert wurde...

2017: Self-portrait as a transformer. Started making some strides in painting that year.

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Today I'm going to post one art piece per year, going back 10 years. That's how long I've seriously been pursuing art.

A thread.

2011: The first thing I ever colored digitally.
"Captain AmeriKid"

Onder de drugs om voor bijna niks te werken - Trouw en De Groene agenderen drugsdruk onder laagbetaalde arbeidsmigranten - Foodlog

Ik zou dit wel slavernij durven noemen...


Good morning! Have a wonderful day. Let your spirits, souls, and hearts flower. Hanoi told me today to be happy. I heard it whisper on my way for coffee. “Slow down” it said. “Look over here”. So I did.

I'm looking to expand my development knowledge in either #aws or #firebase. Mostly from a dev/architecture point of view. What is the best way to get started? And how to pick which one? I also took a look at appwrite, but resources about that are sparse.

#php #javascript

Corona Covid-19 Umfrage 

Hab' noch keine solche Umfrage im Fedi gefunden, deshalb probier ich es einfach mal. Retröt willkommen 😉

Falls du noch nicht geimpft bist, würdes du dich jetzt impfen lassen, wenn das möglich wäre?
#Impfen #Corona

The people from #Cybercafe want to have a chat and talk tonight. We speak English and/or German. Just come in. We'll meet in the in the Lounge. You may also participate via Jitsi direkt Link:

Tonight, around 9pm CET.

See you there!

Saw the coolest Fomes fomentarius you will ever see on my walk.

Had some lovely farm-fresh fruit in today and the pears still had their leaves on, so I thought they'd make for nice still life images for you to use! ( also.)

These are all phone photos, and I used a big black A2-size sheet of card that was a cheap buy from the 'school supplies' section of the supermarket to create an infinity curve. I set it up on top of the oven, which is in an area of the house with no direct light, for softer lighting. (Two more in the next toot)

this fennec is kind of busy right now, but will stop by to chat later.

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