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To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-8 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

(to emphasize the importance)


Does anyone know Jottacloud? i am looking for a reasonable priced cloud service with Android/Windows support and 2fa.

I have tried NAS but at the end it gave me more work and was not reliable.

Ironic problem of the day: I bought a small GPS module for a project, but I can't find it.

*hnrk* Oh my gosh I had the most terrible nightmare. I dreamt that Australia returned one of the most comically evil governments it has ever known. Thank god that wasn't the case. Oh well now to have my tea and check the news.

@WandelStock Oh my! 🀩
How cute the designs are!! πŸ¦‰

Today I wandered around Siem Reap more with no real destination. I guess I do that the best. Here are a few pictures on my little stroll around the city today. #photography

Een mooi overzicht van Nederlandstalige matrix/riot chatgroepen. .. ze hebben veel al een adres maar ook aliassen naar homeservers (server die gebruikers zelf beheren)
#matrix #riot #decentral

Japanese artist Akie Nakata (known as Akie) turns found stones and rocks into animal paintings #womensart

Progress! We’re going to get some paint and keep working on these at home β€” or, if MY plan prevails, sneak into the next painting night and finish them, pretending that we’re art prodigies.

oldest cafe of Nijmegen. Build in 1320 and established as cafe 1540

De Blaauwe Hand (the blue hand, name comes from a bleaching tool called Blue).

Its build in the Lakenhal

"Should Disney World Have the Right to Build a Nuclear Power Plant?"

I don't ever want to click that, or read the article. I'm just going to lean back and enjoy how we live in a world where that headline's existence is a normal thing.

You know how you can spend a lot of time on something, then draw a line and say, "No: it's done, I need to do other things," but then as soon as that conviction fades even a little you spend a ton of hours just fiddling around with different details instead of doing those other things?

Anyway, let's call this a "second draft."


Not that long ago, Meech was a feral cat who hissed and ran off when he saw us, but crept into the house to steal food at night.

Now he naps on a couch and has learnt to purr. Turns out he's a really sweet boy. #mastocats #CatsOfMastodon

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