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Mme Sherri's Natural Forest, in Chesterfield NH. Wife and I went #hiking there this past weekend.

It's a relatively small place, but very beautiful and contains the stone remnants of a socialite's home from the 1920s & 30s. It's affectionately known as the ruins of a "castle", but I wouldn't go that far.


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Hmmm, found this picture in my archive. Didnt remember making it. Looks like a midevil painting. Later i remember it, its an ‎excavation near Maastricht

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RT @SustainableTall@twitter.com: Street in Macau. Photograph by Paul Tsui, National Geographic travel photographer of the year contest

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Balade de samedi featuring MOUTONS

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Sometimes ordinary things look like cute animals 🐙

After this beer i have 72hours to live....so they say. (71 hours to go)

Lost in some kind of zoo/ museum

We had a really nice hike this morning at Zuidlaren - Noordlaarderbos
komoot.com/tour/t35433840?ref= . Long straight lanes, really nice!

Yesterday we made a nice walk in the city of Groningen - Stadswandeling

A really leaning tower in Suurhusen

Last day hiking in .It was nice warm and dry. Hatterwüsting - Barnerführerholz

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Gerade musste ich den armen Wal befreien. Jetzt ist nicht mal mehr das Kinderzimmer vor Plastikmüll sicher!

Almost eaten alive by horse-flies, but it was worth it. Nice hike near Markhausen - Eleonorenwald