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Heya, I'm Vodka and I've finally decided to join mastodon! I love video games, especially the title , drawing my OCs and being an overall gremlin~

You can also find me here:

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“She had her father’s ear all to herself by the age of thirteen. No decision, whether military, political, or economical, was made without her counsel. So attached her father was to her than he refused to consider any proposals for her hand. A true raging lioness, she was martyred in an expedition to the Far North soon after the current King ascended the throne, her adventures immortalised in the Book of Songs." [1/2]

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made icons of my witch twin ! i need to stop neglecting them aaa and give em an actual ref for once,,, but i still love em 😭
still need to draw Ava with her gf hmm

“Every age, it seems, is tainted by the greed of men.
Rubbish, to one such as I, devoid of all worldly wants! Hmmm, I dunno, maybe it’s just the way we are.
I’ll stick you in my prayers. A fine dark soul, to you.”

Patches the Hyena, the Trusty, the Unbreakable for 2017

More Hazel doodles - I'm trying to get her face down the way I see it in my head. Didn't focus too much on outfit design other than the overall silhouette I wanted to establish

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one of my OCs, ein! she's a bunny half-human who was basically born to be a sidekick, but struggles with trying to forge her own fate!

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alright lads its finally here, the two characters for the challenge i'm hosting :mastodance: !!
feel free to doodle your fav poodle, or both! just please tag me in it so i can see yalls lovely drawing!

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I'm Simon or Stern, i'm a german hobby artist and engineer and I love to draw fantasy, angels, dragons, scifi and some fanart. Feel free to suggest art projects and zines!

🧡 Portfolio:
🧡 Twitter:
🧡 Weekly stream on Thursdays, 7pm GMT+2!
🧡 I mod on a German art discord, send PM to join! :>

Muting this thread cause i'm not used to getting so much attention for non-art things and these replies are getting overwhelming, thank you for your support and i'm glad y'all feel the same way!

From my older catalogue, one of my pieces for 2018, it wasn't a very productive year but I tried my best lmao

Mergo's Wetnurse and Queen Yharnam from

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I went ahead and colored all of these last night. One has a white background since I didn't have any examples of a colored ink with a white background laying around for commission related purposes.

I'm tempted to revive my personal original setting project here, cause in other places it never gained much traction when I talked about it compared to the fanart I do and unfortunately I'm the kind of artist that needs constant validation to keep turning my little hamster wheel gremlin brain lmao

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Just the first illustration featuring my OC Syd

Character design (c) Cylunny @ Deviantart
Art (c) me

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Kaui's real form 😀

Gonna make more examples of these so I can sell them maybee

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"If you would like to expunge a heavy heart of wrongdoing, ask for the chip-lipped priestess of Hormzud, herself an embodiment of the metaphor 'sealed lips'. (Except, of course, in the physical sense.)"

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Hi. I'm chisayo. I love drawing and painting OCs, and scenic landscapes!

I'm fond of using soft colour palettes. My shading style often leans toward being more painterly, but I will occasionally experiment and try other things, too!

I'm fascinated by the natural world around me, Asian languages and cultures, as well as Japanese aesthetics.

✨ dA:
✨ Twitter:

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It's my birthday on the 28th! As a thank you for all the love and support recently I am offering a 15% coupon for my etsy store good until my birthday!

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