Today is RANGER day. Why? Dunno, there are no calendars in the wild, but not all rangers live in the wild, like the planewalker Horizon Walker.
Rangers are always a fantastic opportunity to draw animals. I should draw more animals. They are fun to draw!

Ok, time to continue with posting character classes.
Here we have , 5E allowed non Legal Good paladins options in the PHB at last. More diversity to the old "white knight" trope. Just like they did with the monk; the more the merrier!

Well... although one would think of lizards when thinking about gender changing creatures it is in fact the KOBOLD the one who is canonically capable of transitioning. (!)
From Volo's Guide to Monsters:

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Continuing with the thread with the MONKS.
Again, a quite niche class originally inspired by kung-fu flicks that evolved to have an interesting variety.
Also, martial artist posing looks always cool!
MONKS (1/2)

The butter and bread of THE FIGHTER.
The fighter actually got several interesting variations in the 5E instead of being the most basic of classes.
(I discovered Mastodon let you choose how image previews are cropped and I'm stunned)

Fun fact, when drawing these Dungeons & Dragons sub-classes I assigned each one a different Forgotten Realms race (heritages are called now?) or human ethnicity and sex. So you have one male and female Calishite, one male and female lizardfolk, one male and female earth genasi... etc.
BUT, it came that at I ended with an odd number of sub-classes. The solution? EASY! There is one Forgotten Realms player race that is canonically trans! Do you know witch one?

One curios thing about 5th Edition is that it lacked the sheer diversity of clerical domains that the 3rd Ed had, but compensated it by having lots of sub-classes.
Again, these depicted here are from the main books and UA articles.
CLERICS (1/3)!

I don't know why I stopped posting my Dungeons & Dragons drawings but HERE WE CONTINUE.
5th Edition favorite class for those who love to play horny characters...
THE BARDS (1/2)!

Back in 2016 I decided to illustrate all available character classes in just to show me that I could consistently draw on a daily basis with a reasonable art output per week.


Just updated my pack of Sci-fi character portraits: 80 portraits in 4 styles each!

For your TTRPG online game or in person.

Perfect to use them on your Mothership, Alien, Death in Space, Traveller, Lancer, Night Tripper or whatever game you like!

Welp... I guess I will have to introduce myself:
I'm Victor and I'm an artist, writer and an avid collector of . I delight in elaborated text layout, wordplay and typesetting. 📚
You can find most of my works on my Itchio page!


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