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Time for a new post.

Hello, I draw girls in love with each other, pokemon, cats and comics. If possible everything in the same picture. My fav pokemon is zigzagoon and I really like video games (though i don't play much these days, haha). Besides that I spend most of my free time learning Japanese.

Skater AU, because skateboarding is so cool! Had fun thinking about the outfits. (Kinda wished I had my own skateboard for references...I just don't skate. Could always buy one and use it as a shelf though, haha).

Have been thinking about this silly thing for pokemon go for a while and now finally had the motivation to draw it.

Guess who remembered that other characters exist? It's me. And finally another part of this pokemon au. I suffered a lot during coloring, why is green such a difficult color.

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I actually though I'd be really cool and draw these two versions and then merge them in a third...but I failed, haha. But hey, I really like how the two single pieces turned out, so it was a success after all.

Done some small writing again:
(Can anyone really blame Maya that she ruined the tension of their homoerotic sword fight by getting hit in the head if Claudine looked at her like that?)

Picking good color palettes and combination so difficult. I often end up analyzing how other people do it in their pictures and it's always amazing too see how colors work together.

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I did some more draws. For both of them I needed several sketches, sometimes that's just how it is.

Also did some writings again.

I also never knew Ninetales was spelled like this and not Ninetails.

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There are no bad colours, just difficult combinations of colours.

I have this in my sketchbook since February but now was finally the time to draw it! And I am really really happy how it turned out. Was lots of fun.

I made a collab with a friend and drew some art for their fic. Was really fun and I actually gotta draw a pretty dress. (If I wouldn't use adblockers I'd probably have lots of ads for dresses because of my research, haha.)

Script reading time with your 'rival', but only one of you actually focuses on the script.

Feels a bit weird to do an illustration after all these comic pages, haha. Also I've written another thing.

Don't know if anyone her knows German and 'Die Känguru-Chroniken', but I felt like drawing a diakko comic based on that one episode from it.

So. I've been planning to draw this comic since February and it was so much fun! Made so many screenshots as reference material, haha. Drawing all these scenes and backgrounds took quite a while, now I might need a break from that. But I think I learned a lot about coloring.

Has anyone here already seen 'The Mitchells vs the Machines'? If not, y'all should go watch it now, I promise you won't be disappointed. It's just. so good!

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"Wonder what's inside? It needs more time, though."

Ah, this was fun to draw. And I really like that color scheme. It is so...soft and warm. (Colors are still such a mystery to me. So much to learn.)

Finished the second chapter of Snom Ventures story.

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