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Hello, I'm a hobby artist from Germany and mostly make and art. Also sometimes and . I really love video games, so expect some fanart from time to time.

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Today I drew both zigzagoon versions, this was lots of fun :)
(Also revue starlight crossover, because that's my favorite anime atm.)

A creepy zigzagoon again. But it's not my fault with this prompt. I really like it though. (It's kinda cute.)

Hollow: That’s my brain when coming up with an idea for this keyword. Ended up recycling some of my old sketches that somehow fitted. (CW for blood?)

For todays prompt I though about drawing corviknight, but its design is too exhausting to draw. Or I'm just lazy, haha.

No zigzagoon today, because I think mega houndoom is neat. (But almost entered zigzagoon in the tags anyway, haha.)

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When Death comes for your soul, they take on the shape you expect. A robed skeleton, a young goth woman, an old judge, a... pink fluffy unicorn.
"You look just like I imagined," the soul said.
"Thank you," Death said gravely. "Now, come with me."
"Can I ride?"
"Just this once."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Ok, now galar zigzagoon again. Missed drawing it ;P.
I just really like the red, black and white aesthetics.

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Metapod uses harden - but then the fire nation attacked!

Wow, actually no zigzagoon today, haha. Instead avatar crossover. I mean, look at the keyword, it's just perfect.

For a change a cute zigzagoon. I really like this one. Maybe I should work with more colors more often? (Also shiny rod from little witch academia, I love that anime so much).

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