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Hello, I'm a hobby artist from Germany and mostly make and art. Also sometimes and . I really love video games, so expect some fanart from time to time.

The pikachus with pokemon hats were so cute, I wanted to draw the reverse as well.

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Now that's my sort of kaiju!
Behold the mighty Manulzilla who is more of a threat to the food infrastructure of a place than the population.

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My first post on here! Very excited to get started here!

Here enjoy a dinosaur.

Charizard and pikachu are planning to take over the world. Actually I planned to make this drawing cute, but then it turned out like this xD.

What if: Dinosaurs in real life? Use the DinoCam 2000R to stay connected to your dinosaurs while you're at work. You can even use it to toss a treat :)

And yeah, color scheme is suggesting, there is a meteoroid shower happening just outside the window xD.

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I got some nice mini cards and a new awesome paper for color prints! Thought I'd celebrate with a raffle 🌟

Win a set of 3 mini cards: 'Dream dwellers'
Boost & follow to enter
Ends on may 23rd

Check out my shop:

My new scanner arrived! So I had to draw a small picture to test it. Dragonair is protecting its trainers toilet paper lair.

I finally finished this picture. Kinda challenging to draw a full illustration with background and details after all the smaller stuff I drew lately.

Beware, Pokerus is spreading! The pokemon in the sewing studio are really careful and wear masks while working. (Yes, litten is working really hard. Oh, and have you found the pokeball?)

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Is anyone here playing Ring Fit Adventure and need some motivation? Then be prepared for the epic crossover: Ring Fit Pikachu! Whenever I finished training I am the one on the bottom right xD

Did y'all know that Drakloak has the cutest pokedex extry?

"Without a Dreepy to place on its head and care for, it gets so uneasy it'll try to substitute any Pokémon it finds for the missing Dreepy."

I never knew, because I played sword and the entry is only in shield. Also there is so much cute art for it. And I also wanted to contribute something, so have Drakloak with a galar zigzagoon.

I definitely have too much time. So I drew my new galar cubone. Aaaand made an animation for it, because why not.

May I present to you: Galar cubone. When its foster parent glalie died, it used them as a mask. Also has an icicle instead of a bone. Still always sad.

Quarantine is boring so I made this "awesome" cubone cosplay a few days ago and let my friends guess which pokemon I was cosplaying. Some of them said it was glalie, so there I got the idea for galar cubone.

I recently started playing Tales of Berseria and I absolutely love it. And since I was really impressed with the bloodmoon scenes in the beginning I needed to draw this. Also have little sorey and mikleo exploring the ancient ruins and lloyd and genis sailing.

I was watching the pokemon movie with keldeo last week and immediately had to think of super mario sunshine when keldeo used his water hoof attacks. This would be the perfect mod :D

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