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Back from holiday with some small inchies again. Also made lots of sketches. Maybe I'll scan and post some of them.

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only thing i really managed to do today artwise is some little doodles of sc, but i think im getting the hang of stylizing cats like this

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I'm currently working on calendar pieces for 2019. Here's the first full piece, themed "Collecting".

Not a new drawing, but since it's and I still like it, have this creature protecting its egg.

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More sea buddies! Including Peng-Gun, the titular character of a shooting game in the antarctic that I never made (yet).

And more inchies.
Some goats and a cat. Really like how the composition of the cat picture turned out. Might to do a bigger version of it sometime later.

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Hey mastodon people I'm new here, and I like drawing environments. I also like the band mastodon so I'm obviously meant to be here.

I aspire to be a concept artist one day.

I mostly spend my time drilling fundamentals, trying to get better.

I've been drawing/painting since about 2014 but I never really took it seriously(doing all the not so fun practice) until this year.

Here is some of my art.

and I was told to put:

See ya around.

Had some free time on the evening yesterday, so have this forest cat.

I recently started playing magic and apparently it's a thing to make card alterations. So I wanted to try it out myself and paint over some cards, to make it look nicer.
Left one is my painted version, right one the original one.

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I painted this about a ghost for practice some time ago when I was feeling lonely.

I can't use it for much rn and will redo the pages, so I decided to finally share it.

Made these small drawings for an digital app mockup. They were all done rather quickly, though I definitely had much fun painting them :)

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