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Hello, I'm a hobby artist from Germany and mostly make and art. Also sometimes and . I really love video games, so expect some fanart from time to time.

Flower glaceon taking a walk in the snow. Found the sketch and decided today's the day to colour it.

Finished painting the splatoon room. Was lots of fun, but also quite exhausting. Photos aren't the best, but everything should be recognizable. For references I mostly took screenshots from the game or looked at the official art.

I'm still alive. Finally finished my master thesis and now have time to draw again. Will be painting some splatoon figures and ink on some walls soon and this will be my reference for one of them.

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Small drawing of a cat fairy for a friend. Have to draw some dinosaurs and monsters soon as a compensation for this much cuteness xD.

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Wanted to draw some of the new pokemon as well. So here's a group of grookeys in the the forest. For the background I used one of @noahbradley awesome photos from Kauai as reference, very inspiring stuff :)

Yes, new drawing. Was playing a bit Sphinx and the cursed mummy on my switch yesterday and felt like drawing something from the game. Mostly based on a screenshot I took while playing.

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The last of the practice overpaintings. This series was a good learning experience though it could've been better. I remember color picking a lot because I wasn't confident of my colors, which is a shame because I would've learned more if I had struggled to get the colors right. On the bright side I know get to upload newer things (with more mistakes made 100% by me!). GuephrenArt #Guephren #DigitalPainting #Painting #Art #Zelda

I never posted the full painting of my current avatar here. Still like it a lot. Also orange-blue complement is so much fun to paint.

Last year I made all this Anubis designs, but never actually showed you the prints. So have some photos (sadly just from my phone...).

Since I already drew Gengar and Gaslty, here is a Haunter, so that the evolution is complete.

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My latest trippy piece: Creating Memory.

Made this one specifically for some leggings, which I'll be starting to sell later this month. <3

Wuuuh, made my first illustration in 2019. Tried a new brush combination and it was so much fun.

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