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Time for a new post.

Hello, I draw girls in love with each other, pokemon, cats and comics. If possible everything in the same picture. My fav pokemon is zigzagoon and I really like video games (though i don't play much these days, haha). Besides that I spend most of my free time learning Japanese.

Cafe visit time!

This was one of those drawings where I was halfway done with the coloring, then decided that I hate and started anew. But sometimes that's just how it is and I like the new colors much more!

No pokemon game is safe from me, I will draw all the pokemon AUs. Also I'm super excited for legends, really looking forward to the game.

Finally uploading this comic, totally forgot about it. Too bad mastodon only allowed for images per toot, guess I have to split them and put the rest into a reply...

So I've started watching the owl house and got this great idea. What if instead of hooty zigzagoon.

Do anyone else watched squid game? Had to redraw some scenes from episode 6 with Akko and Diana, just to get it out, so they're super sketchy.

Aren't colorful autumn leaves such a nice aesthetic? Also lately been enjoying the still warm weather before everything turns cold and dark.

Also just finished the second chapter:

Forgot to upload this and now summer is over and it's autumn already! But was lots of fun to do an animation again after all this time.

This is not what Diana had in mind when Akko invited her for a romantic broom ride, know.

Probably more comfy like this anyway.

Yes, I had lots of fun with the dragon age inspired dialogue wheel xD.

And again done a bit of writing for this. (Or rather the other way round.)

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I was pinned to my chair by Fate, Destiny and Appointment.

My sister loved her cats having these names.

"Fate has chosen you!"
"My Destiny!"
"Can't go out tonight, I have an Appointment."

We usually just called them Fey, Dessy and Mint.

If only she knew...

I sighed, "Alright... do I get a special catchphrase to go with these magical powers?"

"Sure," Fey purred.

"Nothing too wordy though," Dessy mewed.

Mint just snored.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #UrbanFantasy

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