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Hello, I'm a hobby artist from Germany and mostly make and art. Also sometimes and . I really love video games, so expect some fanart from time to time.

I was always interested in huevember, but this is the first time I actually drew something for it. Will probably do only a few of them, but it's fun so far and good to get into digital drawing again after inktober.

Last inktober picture. I coudn't miss out on drawing some pumpkins for this. I had really fun with this year's inktober and grew fond of zigzagoon xD.

I wonder, if the Golden Razz Berry is especially tasty? It certainly looks like it. Maybe like normal kiwi and golden kiwi.

*Zelda's Treasure Chest Opening Soundtrack plays in background*
I wonder, what's in there? And I really like this one :D

Was too exhausted to upload my inktober from yesterday, but here it is. If there is already Christmas stuff in stores, it's not too early to draw Christmas ornaments.

Today there is no shiny zigzagoon...because I drew galar zigzagoon! Haha. It looks like it's more on the wild side. Is it though?

"Gonna be legend!" - Shiny zigzagoon again. With Zacians (?) sword. Finally my golden pen had some use. Got really attached to the little guy, maybe I'll draw them again in another inktober piece.

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