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Made these small drawings for an digital app mockup. They were all done rather quickly, though I definitely had much fun painting them :)

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thanks for 100+ followers already! the community here is so nice! here's a little giveaway to show my thanks ☆(・ω・*)b

🔸 follow me here @elliemars and
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that simple! I'll pick 2 winners let's say... next Friday, June 22nd, at 6pm CST. new followers are also welcome of course! good luck!💚

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9' -

Krita has a number of options to desaturate for checking values, one of the simplest to turn on off (especially if you're like me and like using keyboard shortcuts) is Softproofing. Go to Image > Porperties > Softproofing and choose Model: Grayscale/Alpha. To have this as default set it in Settings > Configure Krita > Color Management > Softproofing > Model: Grayscale/Alpha. This will set it to default for all images.

CTRL+Y to turn Softproofing ON/OFF.

Experimented with the ferret some more and made this creature out of it. Also playing around with some krita brushes while painting this.

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TIL There are mini truck garden contests in Japan

The “kei” trucks are barely larger than city cars. The goal is to build the most aesthetically pleasing garden in the truck bed


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Creative peoplez stuck with some block of some sorts or lack of ideas. Check this post out reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/ and be sure to check the linked youtube video (at the end of the post), as well as the top comment. You're welcome :)

Please feed your ferred only the best pixel food! (Yes, I felt like making a doodle of my logo ferret.)

Made something for the pixelfed logo contest, because why not. Don't have too much time, but it was lots of fun to design.

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commission stuff from a bit ago- timothy lawrence chillin with some kitties

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To all the new members here at Mastodon.Art, one of the great things about our instance is our gallery, which your work is automatically added to when you use .

Check it out for inspiration! mastodon.art/gallery/

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Have done some poster designs this weekend. Really like all of them, but it's gonna be the last one. (Also for time reasons, need to finish it rather quickly).

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Dragon creature from my value practice. Also playing around with the krita brushes :)

Doing some value practice again at the moment. So have this cat ship cloud sea thing :D

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Protocollie, der Protokoll schreibende Hund ;)

Oh yeah. Just finished another comic for @MicroSFF shorts stories. I started this one at beginning of last month, but then forgot about it.

Remember all those anubis drawings? It's not over yet. Here's another one. Although it's more design/logo than drawing. Gonna make a vector graphic out of it soon.

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