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Hello! I hope you're all having a wonderful afternoon! ♥ Here's some assorted skull pixel art I did for Skeleween last year! 😊

@misomonster Oh thank you so much! ♥ I adore studio Ghibli movies ♥

Also: I have an Etsy shop for simple Twitch streaming graphics! ♥ :squee:

Thank you all so much for 300 followers you guys are amazing! ♥ 😊 💕

Its not my usual Pixel art but here is my FFXIV character enjoying some summer fun! ♥ I hope you all had a wonderful week!! Sorry for being away, I will get better with uploads next week ♥

A lovingly made piece of Hydaelyn from FFXIV Endwalker. I still cry when I hear the song "flow" ♥

Pride Jelly jar badges are now available in my Ko-fi shop! ♥ Take a look! 💕

My shoulder finally is feeling better hooray! ♥ I really wanted to make something pretty and colorful for ♥ Heres a quick screenshot of some WIP pride badges I'm working on!! ♥

Good afternoon! ♥ Sorry for being away for a lil rotator cuff has been incredibly sore so its been difficult to draw. I'll have new stuff to post soon! ♥

Good afternoon! ♥ Hope you're havin a wonderful day so far! n-n ♥ Here's some aquatic Pokemon for today! ♥

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