Hello! ♥ this is my first art post! I'm Vessoaran and I make pixelart, illustrations and sometimes design video game assets ♥

@Vessoaran welcome to mastodon :tialove: Your art looks amazing. So sparkly and colourful ;v, <3

@Vessoaran Heya ! Welcome here :D
I love your last two pixel arts, the colours are amazing, I love the little sprout hehe 🌱

The lighting on the seedling illustration looks fantastic :blobcatmmm:

@Vessoaran that big round birb with the sparkly eyes is looking into my soul and i love them

@jmes Aww thank you so much! I imagine if we could hug it it would squeak! 😊 I love your art!! I've always wanted to get better at pixel art, yours is so clean :blushing:

@thatonecalculator Aw thank you! ♥ Honestly the biggest trick for me is using the pixel perfect checkbox in Aseprite! 😊

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