@PalmerAnimates that's a great site for reference. Have you ever heard of croquis cafe? They are another great resource for figure drawing. Good action poses and variety of models. And they do them in youtube videos so it's a little bit more like using a live model. onairvideo.com/home.html

pinup art, non-explicit 

on the other hand i'm taking some icon !! you can also get linked icons (2 icons connecting) for a total price of 15$ ! perfect for 💗

boosts appreciated !

Hello! I'm currently taking 5 icon commissions of various types, which can be seen on my website!

Prices range from $12 to $35 USD and other currencies are available

Please see my website: fxsql.com/commissions
Terms: fxsql.com/terms

(Pixel icon example is a bit old)

Tomorrow! Official launch of my Patreon will be in one day! Follow me there for exclusive:

- Sketches
- Behind The Scenes
- Paintings
- Storyboard process

And more! :D

Took a tip from my brother to try and get some more fluid/dynamic poses going. Fortunately flying characters lend themselves well to that.

Still posting art backlog, this time a fast reference for my mimsy myo Halla!! He looks refined and is generally calm but also a fae so he's foolishly curious about things and for some reason really obsessed with cheese??

Hello fellow creators! There's a new directory feature on Mastodon, so that people can find you based on the kind of things you make.

Included are photos to help you add yourself to the directory. Here's the link to the directory: mastodon.art/explore/

1. On the right side you'll see that you need to opt into the directory. Click "Edit Profile"

2. Add your hashtags to your Bio

3. Below your bio you will see 3 check boxes. Check the last box which says "List this account on the directory."

forgot to post this here ahjeez
2018 was a hell year but at least there was lily

***Help a black artist intellectual spread her ideas***


I've been selected to present a paper at a Conference in Sao Paulo.

As a 'third class citizen' struggling in Europe and with prolonged denial of access to citizenship, I sometimes find myself isolated and in serious state hardship to maintain the bridges to places; my research and current scholarship; and updating my practice in tune with current production.

Please check, help and share!

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