More pacificrim Fanart!
this time it Meathead he was one of the unused kaiju model concepts.
look at his smile he's such a good boy!

I did this re-draw meme

Original by @crom_cristianortiz on Insta!


Testing some new pencils since the art store switched brands. Baoke's 2Bs are pretty similar to Tombow Mono's, and buying a 4B for darkening lines is something I should've done a lot sooner.

#art #mastoart #sketch

My demon dad Izhia!
He's a Warpa demon, and he's a big liar c;

🐰🐱💕 — my mascot and her bunny girlfriend! This is art from nearly 2 years ago that I'm still incredibly happy with 😊 (honestly I need to draw way more !!!)

finicky from start to finish, but it looks alright!

I.. didn't think this was an actual porn instance thingy. anyway I'm new and if anyone knows landscape servers pls lemme know.
this is the type of stuff i draw owo

threw some new colors on that binch

what do y'all think about them
compared the the earlier ones (second image)? OwO

Katie all grown up!!
(She's the main character to the webcomic I plan to make after I finish up the one I'm currently working on!) #mastoart

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contains body horror and gore Show more

A long overdue half of an art trade with of his kick butt space bounty hunter and treasure hunter, Ava!

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