Standing by the window, staring into the icy morning and contemplating why the hell my boobs hurt

Today's sketch book page is dedicated to people with physical disabilities

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That's my mood right now ^_^

~This will be in a colouring book i'm working on, i want to fill it with wholesome cute illustrations :heart_sp_bi: ~

I've started a series of marginalized bodies in my sketchbook. The goal is for me to unlearn what a "normal" body looks like, and I hope that at some point white, slim, able, young bodies will not be my go to anymore. I want everyone to be able to see themselves in the worlds I create.

I'm really confused. I don't see a lot of art on here.... Am I doing something wrong πŸ˜‚

Painting of nude body 

Here we are, I'm not happy with it.


Using colours scares me so much it's kind of hilarious. Like, I'm sitting here, painting this chill, sexy painting SHAKING because I don't know what the heck I'm doing.

Mention of racist murder, depression talk 

I haven't drawn much in a couple of days and I'm mad about it. Also, I was at a protest regarding a racist murder in Germany today, saw people, was completely overwhelmed and was reminded that the relative content I've been feeling lately is entirely due to 0 social interactions. πŸ™ƒ I shall now go back into my self loathing hibarnation, bye.

Also im a bit confused by this whole "migration" feature as none of my followings were transferred and only like half of my follows? πŸ™ˆ What's the point?

Hey y'all! I just migrated over from artalley and am looking to make this instance my new home. I'm a white able bodied queer nonbinary artist and archaeologist. I mostly do line work and my art is witchy, bit sinister sometimes and has Jugendstil and Expressionism influences.
Feel free to follow, boost, like. Also, I appreciate people telling me if they notice me using hurtful language.
Excited to get to know everyone!


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