Available in my shop! Etsy.com/Shop/PancakeMakesPlush

Animal Crossing's #1 most desired villager. It's Raymond! I know everyone wants him on their island, but now you can have him in real life too!

Available in my store! Etsy.com/Shop/PancakeMakesPlush

It's Animal Crossing's second most eligible bachelor, Marshall! Marshall is both a cute little palm sized plush and works as an amiibo compatible with

Available in my shop!: Etsy.com/Shop/PancakeMakesPlush

Need a little more vitamin C in your life? Look no further than your citrus god Tangy from ! Tangy is both a cute little palm sized plush and works as an amiibo compatible with the game!

This is Reina Aharen from the manga Aharen is Unfathomable! Or is it Aharen is Indecipherable...
The inconclusiveness of the English translation and the content of the title seem somewhat ironic...

Aharen is a commission for DeVante!


Animal Crossing Amiibo Plush!
These villagers are not only cute and soft, but work as Amiibos with !

Def plan to make more of these, so if there's a villager that you'd like to see, leave a comment!

This is Cacao from the Nekopara anime! Now, I gotta give it to her, this frilly shirt with shortalls look is on point for the summer season!

Cacao is a commission for Blake!

Can’t get ahold of the Animal Crossing Amiibo you want?

Want a little plush of your fave villager?

Commissions will be open, stay tuned.

You lucky Fire Emblem fans are getting the goods two days in a row! This is Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening! He was ordere together with the Chrom plush I posted yesterday.
Robin is a commission for Jen!

Commission me! tinyurl.com/ultrapancake

It's Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening! Always interesting to re-make a plushie I made a few years ago. It really gives me a clear look at my improvement!

Chrom is a commission for Jen!

Like what you see? Commission me! tinyurl.com/ultrapancake

This is May, whom I'm sure you all recognize from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire! I had the privilege of making her contest outfit from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! So frilly! So fancy! Ready to win a Pokemon contest!

May is a commission for Trevor!

This is Emiko! She's a particularly cute OC that I was fortunate enough to plush! She's the first 8 inch plush I've made with minky hair and it turned out just lovely!

Emiko is a commission for Susan!

If you like what you see, commission me: tinyurl.com/ultrapancake

Season 2 of has started! is out! If you're a fan of those then check out the pre-made plushies I have available in my Etsy store now!
Commissions are also open: tinyurl.com/ultrapancake

Did a little stay-at-home lolita look and show off one of the face masks I made! I’ve been spending a lot of time this week making masks for my friends and family. I’m hoping to have enough time to make some to donate!

If you live in the Pittsburgh area and have the means to make face masks, consider checking out Mask Makers PGH! They have guidelines on how to make masks and how to donate them!

This is Elliot! He's the sensitive and poetic writer that lives in a cabin on the beach in !

Elliot is a commission for Heather!

Like what you see? Commission me: tinyurl.com/ultrapancake

This is Sophia! She's a centaur girl seen in the manga !

Sophia is a commission for Brad!

Like what you see? Commission me: tinyurl.com/ultrapancake

With Animal Crossing being the hot topic, let’s look back on some Villager plushies I made in 2015! It’s always a bit embarrassing looking back on old work. There’s a lot I would do differently now!

If any of you out there wanna commission a plush of your villager, commissions are open: tinyurl.com/ultrapancake

This gonna be me tomorrow night.

A print of this is available on my Redbubble: Ultrapancake.redbubble.com

Like what you see? Commission me: tinyurl.com/ultrapancake

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