My little cousins are getting a Switch for Christmas and their mom asked me for game recommendations! She settled on getting Yoshi's Crafted World, so I couldn't resist making them some Yoshis in their favorite colors to go with it!

Luckily I found a free pattern that's based off official Yoshi plush:

Thanks to mactothefuture on instructables for making this pattern along with a detailed tutorial!

This is Gym Leader Erika! She's the leader of the Celadon City Gym and she specializes in grass types.

Erika is a commission for LIII!

We're going to hell today baby cause this is Ryo Asuka! Specifically the version from the 1987 OVA Devilman: The Birth!

Ryo is a commission for Bailey!

Is that wedding bells I hear in the distance? Or maybe it's just the sound of hoof steps.

This is Clover! She's a centaur OC and a bride to be!

Clover is a commission for Tommy G!

This is Manami! She's a fox Miko and the first furry I've made in a while! This is also the first time I've ever made minky hair on a plushie!

Manami is a commission for @ZotBuster

It's Jean Pierre Polnareff from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! I was very excited to make Polnareff's hair. Don't think I've ever made hair quite so tall before! Or so French for that matter!

Polnareff is a commission for Mimi!

I'll be drawing names for my commission raffle on Tuesday October 1st! If you would like to order a plushie check out my commission info here:

If you want to be notified when commission raffles are happening you can subscribe to my mailing list here:

You will only be emailed when raffle drawing dates are announced and the day before raffles.

I forgot to mention that this plush is the premiere of my new eye style! The eyes I usually use were initially designed back in like, 2013 or something like that, so I felt it was time for an update! The old eye style will still be available upon request for those who prefer it!

Today we've got the Super High School Level Light Music Club Member Ibuki Mioda! You also might know her as the Ultimate Musician in the official English translations.

Ibuki is a commission for VR Jeremy.

I've been getting into cross stitch lately, and I couldn't help but think about making con badges!

$60-$80 depending on complexity
Head only!
You get one cross stitch badge (approx 3.5 x 3.5in) and one pixel art head! It's a 2 in 1 deal really!

Message me on any of my social media if you're interested!

This OC is Geoffrey King! He's an archaeologist with good taste in ties.
Geoffrey belongs to and is a commission for Phantomsurf!

If you've been following the pulse pounding rivalry between Monster Musume's Centorea Shianus and Skullgirls' Peacock, buckle up! Cerea pulls ahead with a stunning 7 plushies over Peacock's 6!

Cerea is a commission for Tommy G!

It's Tomura Shigaraki from the anime/manga My Hero Academia! It's also the first commission done in my new Simple plush style!

Tomura is a commission for Jackie!

Yinz probably already recognize this plush as Hiei from the manga/anime series Yu Yu Hakusho!
I just looked at the wiki page & I'm taller than this 90 year old demon kid! I've never felt so powerful!

Hiei is a commission for Bridget!

This is Meroune Lorelei from Monster Musume! With her I have officially plushed the entire main cast of MonMusu!!

Mero is a commission for Brad on Etsy!

Want to commission a plushie 👉

As a pre-teen I always struggled with which lady from Cats was my favorite. One one hand I loved the puckish rogue antics of Rumpleteazer but, as a budding goth I really liked Demeter's style.

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