My iPad battery is basically dead and I wish change it wouldn’t cost as much as buying a new iPad ☠️

I think my life became easier when I just surrendered to the fact I can’t lineart and it’s just better to clean the sketch instead

Me: *doesn’t post for months, gains new followers*
Me: *finally posted art, lose 4 followers immediately after*
I’m sorry

Quickest sketch just not to completely lose the ability to draw ahah.....

It amazes me how I block some people cause I don’t want to see their tweets and yet twitter will still show them to me like did I ask???? Twitter did I ask????

I’m finally donee, it took me way too much time but at least my hand is feeling better

I hope I can finish the drawing I was working on soon! It’s almost done so if I proceede slowly slowly and a bit everyday maybe I can post it in the next few days

(I can’t actually try Mato dance because I broke my knee years ago and it hurts when I move too much! I’m going to lay on my bed and think about the meaning of life!!)

Whenever I have the chance to draw something happens and I can’t draw anymore that’s sad

Found a nice brush on procreate finally! Now back to study sigh _(:3 」∠)_

Okay maybe I’ve found a brush on procreate similar to the SAI one, I’ll try it tomorrow 🤔 or maybe later who knows

For some reasons I can’t really vibe with procreate idk I don’t like how the brushes work

I alway throw my iPad on the bed but I know one day I’m going to miss and throw it against the wall and I’m going to cry

Can’t wait for this hell called college to be over ^-^

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