Idk smoke inside your own house, by smoking in public you’re just annoying other people and polluting by throwing away the cigs on the ground once you’re done, you ugly:)

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People complaining about the fact that in some cities you can’t smoke in stop smoking ....easy

Feel like I’m not able to draw anything anymore it sucksss

I don’t even have a contract with them so who cares

Even seeing one message in the group just makes me feel so tired
I’m going to say that I don’t want to be a burden since I’m too busy with school writing my dissertation finding a job and I won’t be able to join any future projects like this
Which is true so...
it’s something small but I don’t want to worry about this thing too I’m just too tired and busy I can’t do it

Plans* lol
I didn’t even wanted to joined them but heh people says you have to catch every opportunity ever

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This year I’m going to quit working for a publishing house, the editor is a good guy but he’s very gullible inexperienced and doesn’t really know what he’s doing, I stayed there for two years but we were only able to publish one project and since it did not sell enough I’m not going to see a single cent from all the work I did
He doesn’t have clear planes for the future all he does is sending useless messages in the group chat everyday, I’m tired

Suicide threat, this sums up what I think about it 

This is just playing with your emotions, it’s abusing your compassion, abusing your empathy, and guilting you into staying in what I would call a very unhealthy situation, what anyone would probably call an unhealthy situation.

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Really trying to discuss with some people it’s just like smashing your head against a wall, they won’t understand no matter what


It’s not egoistic to think about your own mental wellness first and to keep distance with toxic people, it’s egoistic to think your Friends own you their time and support and that they alway have to be with you no matter what

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If you believe it’s okay to tell you’re friends that you’ll kill yourself if they leave you, then your behavior is extremely toxic and your friends have all the rights to cut ties with you, you’re not only harming yourself but people who love you as well

I hope you all had a relaxing xmas if you celebrate it or at the very least a great wednesday. sending you all good vibes for 2020, i hope it goes easy on us!

Merry Christmas!
Remember no matter what one you'll find your happy place, stay warm

Merry Christmas eve to all who celebrate it and enjoy your winter holidays to everyone else, rest well 🎄

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