I want to join the clip contest just for funsies and to test myself but I have 0 and I cannot stress this enough zeeeeero ideas

I ate pizza for breakfast hope you're all doing fine too

When your exams are over and you have some free time so you could draw but you have 0 ideas and you just end up starring at your ceiling

Everytime I share a drawing and said "this was just a quick sketch pls don't mind the errors" people be like "ughh how is this a quick sketch it would have took me 3 years to finish something like this ugh" bur when I don't they just point everything that doesn't look good
Like get a grip and shut up

I wanted to do the sailor moon redraw too but I can’t draw girls so I turned Usagi in a cute boy
Quick sketch as a break from studying;;

I'm never going to meet my fav artists at cons because they'll believe I'm underage and they're going to block me from their NSFW account afterwards
I'm crying 😭 I'm legal I can buy alcool in every state of the world

Hi don't ever invite me to picnics cause I'm allergic to grass and I might slowly die

People who boost promo toots for creators are magical creatures and as such here are sparkles for anyone who boosts someone else's project ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

Sometimes your mood is just 2010's kelly clarkson

That's why
Pls commission me and tell your friends about me

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