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Just a friendly reminder that I also have a Pixelfed account! 😁 I'm planning to post more stuff there, maybe even some photos! I would be glad if you followed me there as well, but it's up to you. I will try to upload more art here too soon.

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Hello guys! I'm new here, so I decided to do a post.
I'm Toxic, and I specialize in /#anthro artworks. Nice to meet you all! I look forward to use this place more to post my art. :)

Tried out drawing with my tablet again!

When you're a mastodon bro.

Can't wait to show the artwork I've been working on recently. It's quite different from what I usually do, so I'm actually excited to practice more of that, hehe

So I've been doing a lot of animated illustration work lately, just for fun:

look who's grumpy?
I wanted to try another portrait with and gave a digital face. & I actually like it!

what else: my symbol has become a logo x). and yes, the symbol means something. it is a letter of the primary language - a letter specifically designed to represent the Nazkarath family, one of the most influential genetic mutation ever achieved by the Zhor Khat. Nazkarath are born to guide and protect.


I did some art that I can actually share, finally!

It's not entirely original.

#art #MastoArt

If something's stressing you out online, just filter it for later, or block it. No shame in doing so!

Here's some cloud study I did today. Not really good with values so I guess this is my way of going at it.

I've been screwing around with learning low poly modeling, Falgyrac being my model for the project. So far I got a basic rig down that I want to refine, but for now here's some quick poses and a rainbow preview.

A couple people have asked so I am throwing it out there that many of my recent paintings are available as prints - which are 15% off today :V

Gushing; Feeling grateful 

People here make me feel safe, I always love interacting with users on Mastodon because (most) experiences I had here were both amazing and supportive. Certainly a comfy safe space I can rely on, unlike a certain birdsite with its antics, lol. Thank you all for making me feel accepted πŸ’–

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