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Hello guys! I'm new here, so I decided to do a post.
I'm Toxic, and I specialize in /#anthro artworks. Nice to meet you all! I look forward to use this place more to post my art. :)

He may look like he's up to no good, but things are always more fun with Nalon around!

This was done for Acolath (over on twitter)

Ink card for a patron! They requested their new cute fuzzy character being...well, cute.

The first of my new Halloween designs and probably my favorite! This snarly werewolf is quite proud of his pumpkin carving this year.

This design is also now a UV-reactive glowing sticker! (the werewolf's eyes and the jack-o-lantern GLOW!) Check out the pre-order here:

I'm opening for ! If you're interested or have questions, I can be contacted by email (commissions @ or you can DM me! please review the Terms of Service additional info on my website:

thanks for looking! 🐻

Ink card commission for Ponder the Beaver. They're, uh, pondering...

Reference Sheet for Jax on Amino.
I had so much fun with this piece honestly, pretty happy with the final result

Hello! Sorry for the lack of art posting here on Mastodon from my part, it's because I've been feeling unmotivated to draw in a while... I hope you guys don't mind this! Hopefully I can return to draw art soon enough.

Introducing Inkscape 1.0.1...! This version includes bug & crash patches for 1.0 along with an experimental feature. Let us know what you love. Report what doesn't work. Download Linux, Windows, (coming soon) Mac:

Read all about it at:

Many people liked this drawing, so I’m bringing another step of its process
Remembering that it is possible to access all other processes of all my other arts in my Patreon:
Only dollar per month to support!

Cell Shading commission for Laga Kemono!
Or send a private message to me!

Here's a profile picture commission of my fursona done by @guephren .

I absolutely love it. The partial lines, the subtle shading, the angle, the expression, everything. I wholeheartedly recommend.

Ford, the striped hyena! Recent limited color bust commission for Senka-Bekic :)

You should have seen the look on my grandmother's face when I told her I was drawing a werewolf in a dress

Updated my website header with the new art!

Also it now has a gallery showing some commissions I've done :)


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