Here is Mahbrook, my ranger main 💕

She's the first of a serie of portraits I did to learn how to use Clip Studio Paint ~

I used this Phantom Ganon Link pinup as an excuse to practice with Clip Studio Paint 👌

I was a bit behind in 's story and I only managed to finish recently
Tarir & the exalted are so beautiful I had to draw something ~

One of my contributions to Wintersday zine, hosted by GW2Collective !
It was a wonderful opportunity to draw something a bit different. Working with so many amazing peeps was so motivating !
I also had the pleasure to fall in love with again ~

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Happy Lunar New Year everyone !!! 🎊🎊🎊 Please accept my all time favorite skin : Black Lily 🕷️

I’ve been playing to GuildWars 2 A LOT lately.
Sylvaris are still unsurprisingly my favourites 🥗

Young Ana pinup done for Overwatch kink zine !
There was a special version for people buying the zine 😉

Thank you for your support in December !

Special thanks to my lovely Akiko_Natsuko( 😚💕

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