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Drawing for the latest Hopeless, Vendetta (which you can read here if you are so moved)

... I have finished the expansion pack cover, innit?

pencil stage of an expansion pack cover for the Hopeless, Maine RPG. Should have the coloured version done today ...

might be a bit scary Show more

Pencils for the next spread for Victims (The Hopeless, Maine volume that will follow Sinners) Nimue will now make it amazing with the colours. Drury's adventure continues...

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I got my Pillowfort all set up with a Wander post! (It's all I'm really working on, these days), please add me if you're on it!
#pillowfort #promotion

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Hey, I'm Mandy Jacek!
Quality Analyst making video games by day, Artist by night. I'm working on my first webcomic!


More coming soon. Thanks for stopping by! ๐Ÿ’ซ

How many lunatics does it take to make comics pages like this...? Two. It takes two lunatics. (More specifically, Nimue Brown and me)

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*music swells* Here are the pencils for the first two page spread in the next (after Sinners) volume of Hopeless, Maine. Also that's Drury chasing the Spoonwalkers. You are going to love Drury ^^

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Do you like someone's creative output? Tell them today.

Trust me, they'll appreciate it.

Sorry, i've been quiet for a while. Admin and getting the next Hopeless, Maine GN ready for print. Here is a book cover I just finished though. It's for Alexa Duir's Wydwolf series. (Which you should be reading because they are wild, fun and addictive)

The Queen of Flames card for the Hopeless, Maine tarot featuring an eldritch hurdy gurdy and the likeness of Genevieve Tudor who does the Sunday Folk program on BBC radio :) tarot

Balthazar Lemon as the King of Flames for the Hopeless, Maine tarot

Masthead for Nimue's new column for the Hopeless, Vendetta

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This is probably the piece in my portfolio that I'm proudest of right now.

It was a bastard to finish (took a few weeks!) and I'm fairly certain that if I'd had to paint one more pipe or cable I'd have gone completely off my damn rocker.

Wasn't made for any reason in particular, other than I had an itch to paint a giant robot. I go a little nuts with art every now and then, and sometimes it works out ๐Ÿ˜

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Commissions? Commissions!

Now's your chance to get something drawn by me.

Only 5 slots available for now!


(Disclaimer: I haven't done commissions in years so please bear with me if things take a moment longer than you expect)

Nimue and I did a sketch during a slow perios at our last event. We realised that we have almost no woodland fauna for Hopeless, Maine and began to fill it in a bit. I'm particularly pleased with the Goblin Cup...

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Centaurs are rad, I'm digging this looser approach, think I'm gonna explore it a bit more.