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I was recently commissioned to design a spiritual successor to my We Belong Here poster featuring scientists. You can get a physical copy here:

Hello again! This piece is for the newest Hopeless Vendetta and is also the five of flames card for the Hopeless, Maine tarot deck (Because i am either clever or lazy) I have drawn a thing. It will be both a book cover for a new Hopeless, Maine book that Nimue Brown is writing, and the Wheel of Fate card for the Hopeless, Maine tarot when it grows up.

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Good morning. Is there anyone out there in the #UK (or compatible timezone) who might be interested in an online #selfcare support group meeting once a week, using a mutually agreed upon video / audio app like Zoom ?

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two characters of my webcomic that'll be making their debut this year

it took a long time to figure out how to make them look as cool as they were supposed to be 💦 ✨

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Page 3. Im gonna post another one by sunday and then its gonna be one a week. probably.

Pencils- next spread for the Hopeless, Maine RPG. It's lunacy, i tell you 0_0

Another spread for the Hopeless, Maine RPG. Philomena Bucket arrives on the island. These are taking me longer than i had hoped, but i think they will be worth the time...

...and here is the first 2 page spread for the Hopeless, Maine RPG coloured. Philomena Bucket washes ashore at Shipwreck bay...

OOps. Meant to post this on this instance- Here are the pencils for the first two-page spread for The Hopeless, Maine Traveller (The HM RPG by Keith Healing) The plan is to have one of these per chapter

This is the cover art for the Hopeless, Maine RPG. (It will have words all over it though) Some flying undead spaniels to ring in the new year. Art here for Tales from the Squid and Teapot.

Two page spread for the next volume of Hopeless, Maine-Hnad coloured by Nimue Brown. Mellisandra teaches Erik to hunt...

Mellisandra at the mortuary-A two page spread for the next volume of Hopeless, Maine-hand coloured by Nimue Brown.

How cool is this?? The twelve year old in me is VERY happy right now.