Travels in Hopeless-The tabletop RPG set on our rather strange island is here!! Signal boost greatly appreciated!

I had an excuse to draw young Salamandra again! Huzzah!

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Do you remember "Monsters of the Deep" project? Finally I uploaded the pdf to my Gumroad. It's available for free although you can still support me with any amount if you feel like it. Feel free to share with your friends, they might also enjoy these creepy deep sea creatures ;)

A reason to look forward to Monday :) The gates of mist will open, and you will all be able to come to Hopeless, Maine (Leaving, is another matter entirely)

It's the loneliest number. Also- the last number before THE RELEASE OF THE GAME! *straightens tie*

Soon (this weekend) many of you will be on the island of Hopeless, Maine. We'll put the kettle on...

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I haven't seen it posted much anywhere but the prompt list for #inktober2018 is now out. Time to start thinking of a theme or feel free to use the official list. Happy inking!


#art #MastoArt #ink #drawing #traditional #digital #inktober

The night potato harvest-pencil stage. This will be a chapter cover for the next graphic novel volume and also the nine of night potatoes for the Tarot deck ^^

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The countdown to the Hopeless, Maine RPG-travels in Hopeless has begun. Today, the number pf thy counting shall be five...

I'm back from the largest steampunk event in the UK (and probably, the world) and back to work. Fortunately, it's work i'm very excited about. Here is the finished version of the final Illo for the Hopeless, Maine RPG-Travels in Hopeless.

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Thought to make a new one to let people know me more by. 😀

I am born and bred in the Olympic city of Norway, Lillehammer. I am 22 years old.

I really like paleo-art, psychedelic music and films. Holy Mountain is my favorite film ever.

I bicycle a lot and was at one point a competitive swimmer when I was younger.

As well as doing illustration i work as a community worker a few hours a week where I work with people with disabilities

What might a talisman look like in a Hopeless, Maine setting? Perhaps, something like this (but with more blood on it)

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Anyone got advice on methods for internationalizing comic book style games with text in images? #gamedev

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I love grease pencils. They don’t let you hesitate. Every mark is dark and permanent. But you still get a heap of value variance.

Ever since I worked on a line of SpongeBob illustrations for Nick, the little dude shows up in my sketchbooks in unexpected places. He’s just so... odd.

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Hello .art! Feels so good to be here.
I'm a geeky art person from Southern Germany inspired by history, science and social justice. And also

The penultimate illustration for the Hopeless, Maine RPG-Travels in Hopeless, and also four of night potatoes for the HM tarot deck. Doc Willougby, somewhat infested.

Drawing stage- Doc Willoughby for The Hopeless, Maine RPG and also the four of Night Potatoes for the Tarot deck.

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I'm HOSTING a Mastodon meetup in Chicago!!!

Please DM me now to let me know you want this!!!

Details pending

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