There's only 6 works in the Jane/Jasprose AO3 tag and thats just twisted. Join us in the JANEJASPROSE JAM; ever-going, free-to-submit your own fics!

[TIMESKIP 4 YEARS INTO THE DIVORCE] he wasnt a vampire but he was sketchy.

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i was watching the cosmonaut picture show and had to stop to draw immediately as i heard those opening lines

A pir8's test of will: "only take that which you can carry 8ack to the ship"

Jake to brain ghost dirk so he doesnt have to participate in hard topics

me staying a year in a fandom and making no ocs sounds fake so i gave in this week and played w/ a dirkjake fankid. TERRY BOGARD kinnie; personally sees him as a butch lesbian icon; fast talker; MULLET MENACE; resident cow lovin' farmgirl; crushin it at thirteen!

I made the track art for "Lovecraft" in VE's new album "Dead Shufflers: Anything Goes" which is out RIGHT NOW and sounds sweet as hell!


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