I hardly even play anymore, but I'm very thankful DE finally made my adult Operator canon.

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This is really, really old but it's honestly the best kubrow I've ever drawn.

Some gift art I did for Glare_Daggers a while back. Her OCs are honestly the best.

A commission for @glare_daggers of her Black Mage. The details were soothing to work through.

My Viera Dancer as a Sin Eater for the WoLxSinEater tag that went around Twitter at the beginning of Shadowbringers. I kind of want to refine her a bit more.

Old doodles that I'm still pretty proud of. I should redraw that Saryn Prime. 🤔

This is like, two years old but I still love it. Menat is a QUEEN.

Heya! I'm Toffee, a trans-nb :heart_sp_trans: :heart_sp_nb: artist from the US!

I draw a lot of FFXIV and Destiny 2 OCs.

If I'm not drawing, I'm probably playing games or sleeping~


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