Call for submissions, for "The Voidpolitan", edition.

- Void (or devoid) poetry.

- Anything ado with void culture, voidhood and voidness - including relatable voidness problems.

- Whatever works. I need filler pages too. Bonus if it's a comic strip.

* Contact me with your portfolio through replies here either in public or DM.

Boost, please! ♥

@TheVoid the denizens of often refers to the local timeline as 'the Void'...

@FerdiZ that's the instance where toots get deleted randomly, right? Makes sense they call it that. :) Do you think I should look into it?

@TheVoid after struggling for hours to compose an adequately comprehensive answer to your query, I reply with simply this: Why not? Go ahead, no harm in giving it a go.

@TheVoid I also just noticed that your avatar picture is not actually a picture of a girl but is a picture of a smoke vapor that looks like a girl from a distance.

Pretty cool I must say.

@FerdiZ thanks!

Since you commented, it's incense in a studio. A colleague was doing an experiment with it for a multimedia project and I went along for the ride and tried to capture the weird looking patterns (this being my fav, I call it the skull girl) while she was looking for the opposite.

Perfect symbiosis. And quite the rare occasion here at the void because, you know... ;)

Hm, a few years ago me and a friend (only half-) jokingly coined the idea of... well in German it was "Lückenforschung" which directly translated would be "gap science", but the idea was to look into gaps, holes or, well, voids within or between fields. Areas (real or metaphorical) where one might expect something but there's nothing.

It quickly became very abstract and philosophical/artsy, but I wonder if this would fit... :blob_gnikniht:

@minx I think it fits perfectly. Welcome aboard! :D

@TheVoid What'your timeline on putting this together? Would you be interested in some void related art? I don't think I really have anything relevant right now, but if it's going to be a while I could maybe do something for it...

@hyperlinkyourheart there's no timeline yet. For now I'm just gathering interested humans, so if you wish to join with something new you have time. It's definitely something for 2019! :)

@TheVoid Ok, cool! I'm bound to do some art by 2019, I'll try to channel my inner void for some of it 😉

Hi! It's hard to describe in a sentence, so I've been sharing some stuff under these hashtags that may help non-voids to understand VoidCulture!

Thanks for asking! :star_eyes:

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