Markers acquired! Now... the age old question...

What do I draw!?

Ended up grabbing 2 packs of Copic Ciao (they were buy one get one 50% off) and decided to try the Artist's Loft alcohol markers because I had a coupon for 45% off one item too (they cost me about $10 as a result).

Didn't find the Winsor and Newton ones but I've seen them around so I'll be trying them next.

Here's the swatches, first two rows were already in my collection.

Is it too early to start planning for inktober?

Hey Art-Friends.
I've been wanting to get back into illustration with alcohol based markers, but being that I'm pretty busy with regular day to day life stuff I don't want to break the bank on a large number of Copic markers (I have around 10 of those presently mostly greys and primary colours, and the colourless blender).

Any suggestions for lower cost alternatives and sets? What are your favourite brands?

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TheLizardQueen has a lizard crown.

ProCreate scribbles on a day off.

Fussing around with prismacolor pencils on kraft paper coloured cardstock. Think I'm getting there with the blending. Now which idea is going to get released from my mind void first?

Hey art friends.

Anyone use Canva for graphic design stuff?
I'm being given access to it for work related content and am curious as to the experiences others have had with their service.

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Oh right... my art account.
I've been too busy looking at trash on the internet!

Oh right... my art account.
I've been too busy looking at trash on the internet!

*shrugs* prompt GHOST!

It has ghosties... kinda? I have no idea anymore.

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I'm still doing this.
4 for 4? Prompt today was mushroom. I usually like mushrooms so I had to work on how to make it spoooooky

In case anyone is curious the list I am using is from mabgraves on Instagram.

Drawlloween Day 3 image prompt is Cryptid

I spent my teen years in the Okanagan Lake area so I had to draw an Ogopogo.

A black cat for day two of
Another phone scribble but hell at least I did something today so I'll count that as a win.

I'm going to attempt to draw every day in October. Starting a bit early so I stand a chance of following through...
Also giving myself permission to fall back on phone scribbles if I am short on energy or time.

Half assed artsy shot of the weird fog that rolls in on these early autumn mornings.

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